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The Most Organized Brothers gang are an Aboriginal street gang concentrated in the North End and Point Douglas neighbourhoods in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Authorities say this gang has grown from a loosely affiliated scavenger gang into a major criminal threat with more than 100 documented members and associates. Believed to have been established around 2003, the MOB initially consisted of a few members of what was once known as the Cash Money Brothers (CMB). CMB formed in 2003 by three “influential” but disaffected members of the Indian Posse street gang. One CMB member branched out on his own and formed the MOB, joined by others from the Cash Money group. A period of recruitment followed with MOB members targeting youths who had a criminal talent for stealing cars. In 2008, the MOB cliqued up with the more established Manitoba Warriors street gang. The Warriors would supply drugs to the MOB and task them to commit violence in hopes of further tightening its grip on trafficking in the North End. This affiliation did not last as senior MOB members lost interest in trying to prove their worth with the Warriors and, due to their recklessness and violent nature, became at odds with them. Today, the two gangs are considered violent rivals. In addition to the Manitoba Warriors rivalry, the MOB have a long-standing beef with the Indian Posse, African Mafia and the Central Gang as well as having conflicts with the Hells Angels and the Redlined Support Club. Since its inception, the MOB has formed associations with major players in Manitoba’s gang underworld such as The Rock Machine motorcycle gang who recruited the MOB to play a role during the violent “biker war” between The Rock Machine, the Hells Angels and their associated “friend clubs” such as the Redlined Support Club and the Zig Zag Crew which gripped the city in the summer of 2011 [1]. The trend continues with MOB members showing allegiance to The Rock Machine while in custody at correctional facilities. Today’s MOB is a structured entity consisting of a leadership “council” of six senior members tasked with making “major decisions.” Below the top rank sits a class of “captains” who report to the council and oversee other full-patch members and prospects, dubbed “strikers.” Members of this gang will commonly have "334" tattooed on them which means 'MOB for life' in the gang's lexicon, and is also the name of a splinter group that emerged sometime late in 2011 or early 2012. Other common tattooes include "PK" which stands for Posse Killer, in reference to their rivalry with the Indian Posse street gang.


MOB Street Gang Has Grown Into Serious Criminal Threat

MOB Break-up is Bad News

Shooting Said to be Gang-Related

Gang Violence Suspected in Shooting

Boy Dies in Suspected Firebombing


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