Muslim Mob of Allah

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Stop disrespecting Islam with this b/s.

the muslims who deny the presence of an organization that protects them under the watchful eye of Allah, are the ones really disrespecting. The Muslim Mob of Allah does exist along with hundreds of other Muslim Organized Crime Gangs. However, they are entirely into protecting and spreading unity amongst Muslims. They do not promote, nor act in terrorist activities. It might've did you some good to research these brothers before you criticized them. They are not disrespecting Islam, they're trying to keep us all an Ummah of one, much like the Almighty Royal Ummah, Jihad Lashkarz of Allah, Muslim Brotherhood, Brothers of Islam and so many others. But your opinion is yours, entirely. I don't think they'd be happy that you erased their information though. lol As'salamu Alaykum akhi