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The Nationwide Rip Ridaz were an assortment of Crips gang members from Compton, South Central, and Watts, California. They are best known for their collaboration with Bloods gang members, Damu Ridas on the Bangin' On Wax and Bangin' On Wax 2... The Saga Continues. Three of the members of the rap group have been confirmed as dead. Big Freeze is said to have been shot in a diner, while AWOL has been said to been shot by police when he was high on PCP. Fo'Clips is said to have also been shot. Many of the members still live in their respective neighborhoods. Broncoe is alive and still lives in the Fudge Town Mafia Crips area and appeared on 2006 album Rep Yo Set. Twin Loc (also known as G-Cell) still lives in Avalon Gangster Crips turf and also appeared on the Rep Yo Set album. G-Bone still lives in Compton and is in a rap group called Grown Folk. Keystone still lives in Watts Franklin Crip turf and appeared on Rep Yo Set. Cixx Pac is said to have moved to Texas, but it has been said that he was homeless at one time. B.G. Scarface was sent to jail, and should be released around 2009–2010. What happened to Koollay is unknown.


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Year 1995

Title: Natoinwide Rip Ridaz (Album)

Chart positions:

-Heatseekers # 10

-Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums # 44

Year: 1998

Title: Betrayed (Can't Trust Nobody)

Chart Positions: None

"Collaboration With Damu Ridas"

Year: 1993

Title: Bangin' On Wax

Chart positions:

-Billboard 200 #86

Title: Bangin' On Wax 2... The Saga Continues

-Billboard 200 #139


-1997: Bang'n on Wax: The Best of the Crips


Year: 1993

Titles: Bangin' On Wax (Song)/Steady Dippin'

Album: Bangin' On Wax 

Year: 1994

Titles: G's And Locs/Wish You Were Here
Album: Bangin' On Wax 2... The Saga Continues

Year: 1995

Title: Nationwide Rip Ridaz (Song)

Album: Nationwide Rip Ridaz (Album)

Music videos

Year: 1995

Video: Nationwide Rip Ridaz (Song)

Director: Ronnie Phillips