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The Neighborhood Family Bloods are a mainly, but not exclusively, African-American street gang founded in the East Los Angeles district of California. Their neighborhood stretch from Manchester Avenue to 92nd Street, between Avalon Blvd. to Central Avenue. The Neighborhood Family Bloods used to be an independant Bloods gang that was surrounded by many rival Crip gangs, such as the East Coast Crips, Main Street Mafia Crips, Kitchen Crips and the Avalon Gangster Crips. Being hopelessly out numbered, this gang cliqued up with the Mad Swan Bloods, another small Bloods gang adjacent to their turf, to be successful in their rivalries and maintain their livelihood. This union would later be called the Family Swan Bloods, to which a new generation of gang bangers now claim. And now, with their new numbers, combined strength, and raw aggression, the Family Swan Bloods have been successful in their counter-stroke efforts in keeping the Crip rivals at bay. In addition to their Family Swan Bloods affiliation, the Neighborhood Family Bloods are also cliqued up with the Centinela Park Family Bloods as well as the Inglewood Family Gang. The alliance between these gangs is known as the "Family Alliance". They are rivals of the East Coast Crips, Main Street Mafia Crips, Kitchen Crips and the Avalon Gangster Crips. The Neighborhood Family Bloods have also clashed with fellow Bloods as well such as the Bounty Hunters Watts and the Pueblo Bishops Bloods. Other rivals include the Hispanic 18th Street Gang.


89/92 Family Swan Bloods Gang

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89 Neighborhood Family Bloods

92 Neighborhood Family Bloods


Sen Dog and B-Real of Cypress Hill