Night Crawlers

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The Night Crawlers are a youth gang, scavenger in nature, originating out of a co-operative housing complex in east Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Membership of this gang consist mainly of wayward Aboriginal and Indo Canadian youth. The Night Crawlers don't "recruit" so much as kids seek them out. Members are involved in petty crime such as home invasions, weapon offences and assaults. They are generally not that well organized and membership is fluid in nature. They identify themselves with a burnt mark on their hands, but when members reach maturity, they usually join more established criminal groups. Already one former Night Crawler is believed to have joined Redd Alert, an organized crime group that wields considerable influence in the Prairies and is growing in B.C. Meanwhile, other Night Crawlers have either reached or are nearing adulthood with little education, considerable criminal records and few options for employment.


The Gang That Cut Off a Boy's Hand