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The Palisades are 3 high-rise metro housing buildings located in the middle of Jane and Finch on San Romanoway in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has a high level of new immigrant residents, high youth unemployment and a recent rise in youth related crime. In addition, the area faces a series of urban challenges, including gang-related violence, poverty and interracial tensions.

spree of crime trough out this neighborhood

Shooting, between gunmen in the 25 building

Boy 17, pistol whips security guard for keys and bullet proof vest

Police find loaded shotgun in stair case

2Am call to police finds body of female 21, boy 18 in the 10 building stair case

police arrest 3 boys, from the area involved in 2008 drive by shooting

police say." This is one of the most VIOLENT neighborhood in the jane finch area along with the driftwoodCRIP AND THE BOTTOM LANE BLOODS

Crips among the palisades neighborhood claimed to be apart of the slaying of teen in the Regent Park area leaving one dead

Jane and Finch, along with the Eglinton Ave. West NAMED 2008-2009 MURDER CAPITAL OF CANADA

Police finally, get break in 2008 armed robbery and think they have the gun involved in Jordan manners murder,seized in the jane finch apartment building raid .. gunmen caught on camera still at large since April 20th 2008-present believed to still live in the palisades area along finch ave west. crazy.jpg


tied and pushed off 34 story building in palisades

Stray Bullets Narrowly Misses Mom/Daughter in Palisades


Real Toronto Presents: Palisades