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The Persian Pride Gang

Several years ago, the people of the Iranian refugees in Western Canada formed a gang called Persian Pride. They are into decorating everything with cheesy blue carpeting, white statues, and gold curtain rods. The Persian Pride gang is slowly spreading throughout the rest of Western Canada, and more recently Calgary and further east into Toronto where there are huge consentrations of Persians.The persian pride gang was formed in 1980 in los angelous usa and spreaded around canada it has been known that they are over 3000 members in los angeles it is very big in richmondhill ontario many of them are armed with very dangerous weapons the fbi and police were hireing members from that gang to locate other members because it is known that persian pride is one of the top 5 biggest gangs

Also known as: the pq, PP, PPR (Persian Pride Riders), and Persian crips

Other Persian Gangs include: Persian Soldiers, Persian Possey (Toronto), U.N.

Zendeh baash