Pure Ones

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the Pure One's

Founded By Joshua “Termite” Forest Sr.

Years Active 1993–present

Membership 70 est.

Ethnicity White

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Murder, Extortion, Street Protection, Identity Theft, Conspiracy, Loan Sharking, Money Laundering, Arm Robberies, Assault, Illegal Street Racing and Street Fighting

Allies the Nation, Aryan Brotherhood, I.N.K. and Skinheads

Rivals all Black/Hispanic gangs and various gangs

The gang was started by Joshua “Termite” Forest Sr a ex skinhead Joshua started The Pure One's. He first want to started as a new skinhead movement. But as it gained membership from around the city and jails it became a offset gang with many members tagging and skateboarding. He attached his caused to many high schoolers who where being picked on by black gangs at the local parks. Offshoots of his gang grow to be known as the Outcast, Tiny But Pure(TBP) and Joshua's Knights. In 1994 the Pure One's umbra held a membership of 100. They began engaging nearby gangs such as Da Turf, Perdido Varrio, Alpine and Bad Azz. Joshua would lead the gang to completely whip out the much smaller 3rd Street Alpine Boys gang. Alpine would reorganize in other parts of the city but with they're lose of 3rd street they became intense rivals. The Pure One's then moved against the Decker gang, who in turn allied behind Suicidal Pistol Riders(SPR), Bad Azz, Who Riders and Da Turf. Out matched the Pure Ones created a alliance with the newly formed September gang, that had rapidly grow. The war created a prison offshoot of the gang called the Unknowns. They became enforcers for the Aryan Brotherhood. The war swirled out of hand on the street with many members pushing the Decker gang off territories allowing a short occupying of Pure One's. In 2003 the Pure Ones celebrated their ten year anniversary of existing. In 2011 Joshua would form a alliance with I.N.K members that served both parties interest. By then Da Turf Holo was forming under the Holo umbra and we're gain a larger backing. Fearing a extending war that could lead to their falling off they offered jail protection and a backing of membership for a trade of guns. This has since brought Joshua prison time of 15 years and a unsure place for the Pure Ones who have since drawback from war to restructure themselves.

Sub Groups

Since their forming the gang has grown to a powerhouse leading many sub groups to better combat there interest. These sub groups consisted of

White Alpine(1994-Present)


Tiny But Pure(TBP)(1993-Present)

Joshua's Knights(1993-2012)

the Unknowns(1996-Present)


The Pure Ones do not have a certain color nor style since many members come from different stages. Some are skateboards and others are prisoners. Some wear white clothing and others choose to wear whatever suits them. They are completely known to just be closely based with hand shakes and the throwing up of the index finger symbolizing 1.


  • The Purest
  • The Pulse
  • Lieutenant
  • Soldier

The Pure One's structure is based off Joshua's time in the army. He would be held as the Purest the only rank that keeps him active in street happening now. He is the highest rank members period. Under him is the second highest out of him but the highest on the outside of prison he controls every aspect of the gang and is leader in name but not title. The lieutenants are leaders of there own sub group. Soldiers are the lowest rank and handle all orders given. But this structure could be out of date since the Pure Ones are looking to mange they're own sub groups and gang without the input of there founder.


the Pussy Ones

Punk One