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The Red Scorpions are an organized drug trafficking group operating throughout the Lower Mainland area of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This group has identified themselves with a unique tattoo of the letters RS on either their wrist, neck or shoulder. Less than a decade old, it was formed in 2000 by several young Lower Mainland gangsters while they were incarcerated together in a youth detention facility. From there, the Scorpions continued to grow, with splinter groups from other gangs joining them. Several Red Scorpions had been arrested and charged with cocaine trafficking after an 18-month investigation dubbed Project E-Poison. The Scorpions had also been operating a large crack cocaine "dial-a-dope" operation in Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster and Port Moody. This gang is considered one of the largest of the Lower Mainland's established gangs, along with the Hell's Angels, the United Nations and the Independent Soldiers; all of whom are considered their enemies.


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