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A self-protective entity at first, the Redd Alert was formed behind federal prison walls in Alberta during the mid 1990s to ward off the aggresive recruiting tactics of the Alberta Warriors and Manitoba Warriors in prisons across Western Canadian Provinces. Founding members roots can be traced back to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and through out Hobbema and the Siksika Nation. The Redd Alert has been reported in numerous federal prisons such as the Edmonton Institution, Bowden Institution in Alberta and in several prisons in Winnipeg; but they have membership in all Prairie prisons. Members of Redd Alert adapted the color red as their official color, in symbolization of their Native background. As stated, the Redd Alert first began as a prison gang formed by incarcerated local toughs to battle an influx of Native gang members from Winnipeg who had been transferred from Stony Mountain Penitentiary to the Edmonton Max. Upon arrival, those Manitoban inmates (known as The Warriors) began recruiting within the prison system, preparing to take over the drug trade on the streets upon release. The Winnipegger's gang recruiting tactics became so intense in prison that inmates refusing to join banded together to form Redd Alert. As they were released from jail, the Manitobans stayed in Edmonton and tried to take over the local drug trade, much to the dismay of the Redd Alert, who constantly engaged The Warriors and their associates in bloody brawls. Those Redd Alert members who were released from prison were sent to their respective neighbourhoods to recruit young soldiers to battle The Warriors (who, by then, had adopted the Alberta Warriors moniker). The Redd Alert have clashed with other gangs as well such as the Fresh Off the Boat, the Crazy Dragons, the United Nations gang in Vancouver and the Native Syndicate. Today, the Redd Alert has become a criminal enterprise, dealing drugs inside various Prisons and on the streets, staking its claim to turf in various communities across the prairies. Members have also been known to provide muscle for hire- collecting on drug debts, disciplining others and eliminating enemies. Their most revered rivals are the Alberta Warriors and Manitoba Warriors along with the Indian Posse, the White Boy Posse and Loyalty Honour Silence. The Redd Alert have the distinction of being the largest prison gang in all the Prairies and the largest street gang in Edmonton. Their allies include the Independent Soldiers based out of Vancouver, Canada and the Hells Angels' Edmonton chapter.