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The Redlined Support Club are a criminal organization or an under-link "puppet club" to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, that authorities believe was founded around January of 2006 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Two long-time members of the Hells Angels assembled a new group to stand up to members of The Rock Machine trying to take over Winnipeg's drug scene after the Angel's grip on the city had been decimated by a joint police operation dubbed Project DIVIDE [1] which saw the incarceration of members of both the Hells Angels and Zig Zag Crew. The Redlined Support Club is comprised entirely of imposing young men who are free in the community and have informally shown their allegiance to the Hells Angels in the past. Members of this gang are known to frequent the Elmwood, Transcona and St. Vital areas of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Unconcerned with police surveillance, members of this group are known to have their club's logo sewn on articles of clothing, mainly in red and black (the clubs official colors). They are rivals of the Manitoba Warriors, Loyalty Honour Silence and the Winnipeg chapter of the The Rock Machine. Allies include the Hells Angels and Zig Zag Crew.


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i hear some of these guys got rollod out by the UNs.