Richland Farms

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Richland Farms is an area in the southwest of Compton, California. The reason why it is called Richland Farms is due to the fact that most of this area is covered with farm land. There are no sidewalks which give it a country 'feel'. There are many farm animals that can be seen being walked throught the neighborhood. Some residents of Richland Farms, feel that the country 'feel' is being tooken away by needing parking permits to park on the street, and a very small amount of gang violence on the east side of the neighborhood. In Compton, the area is also known as being the territory for Farm Dog Compton Crips, a meduim sized Crip gang, that is a part of the widely known gang alliance A.T.F. A.T.F is an acronym for Acacia Town Farms, representing Acacia Blocc Compton Crips, Spook Town Compton Crips, and Farm Dog Compton Crips. Though housing a gang, Richland Farms has remained the most safe area in Compton.