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Robert Taylor Homes


Robert Taylor Homes is the name of a housing project in the Bronzeville neighborhood of the South Side of Chicago, alongside the Dan Ryan Expressway. It was completed in 1962.

At one time, this was the largest housing project in the world. It was composed of 28 high-rise buildings of 16 stories each stretching for two miles. As of January 2006, 27 of the buildings were demolished and only one remains standing. The Chicago Housing Authority plans to move out all residents by the end of 2006. A mixed-income redevelopment will occupy the site of the Robert Taylor Homes in the future.


Robert Taylor Homes faced many of the same problems that doomed other high-rise housing projects in Chicago such as Cabrini-Green. These problems include drugs, violence and the perpetuation of poverty. Here, poverty was concentrated on an isolated site.

The history and economy of this housing development was studied by Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh in his book American Project (ISBN 0674008308).


Robert Taylor Homes is served by Beethoven K-8, Phillips High School, and DuSable High School. Both are operated by Chicago Public Schools.

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