Rollin 20s Long Beach Crips

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The East Side (E/S) Rollin 20s Long Beach Crips are an African American street gang located on the east side of Long Beach, California. This gang claims 15th Street, 21st Street and 19th Street. They are rivals of the Insane Crips, Asian Boyz, ScottsDale Piru, East Side Pain, Hoover Criminals, Carson West Side Piru, Sons Of Samoa Crips, Kabbage Patch Pirus Dominguez Varrio 13, Kalas Park Bloods, Mid-City Stoners 13 and Varrio Longo 13 gang. Allies include the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips and the Boulevard Mafia Crips. Members of the Rollin 20s Long beach Crips wear black/gold clothing along with Pittsburgh Steelers logo imprinted designs to indicate their gang affiliation (along with the traditional blue bandanas worn by most Crip gangs).



  • 21st Street and Lewis Avenue


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