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The West Side (W/S) NeighborHood Rollin’ 20s Bloods are a large, predominately African-American street gang founded in the West Adams community of South Los Angeles, California in 1975. Their neighborhood stretches from Vermont Avenue to Arlington Avenue, between Jefferson Blvd. to Pico Blvd. During the 1950s, the area this gang claims as their turf was dominated by a gang that went by the name of "Blood Alley" on Cordova Street near the Santa Monica Freeway. In the early 1970s when black gangs re-surged, the youth continued the Blood identity. They identified as "Neighborhood", then "Neighborhood Blood", then "Neighborhood Rollin 20s Blood". They were once closely associated with Hoover Family, a neighborhood by Hoover Park on Adams and Hoover Street, but they faded out around 1978. The Rollin 20s NeighborHood Bloods have the largest territory of any Bloods gang in Los Angeles County, and have the 3rd largest neighborhood of black gangs in LA County. To the south of their neighborhood are their allies the Fruit Town Brims; and next to them, on their south-west border are their arch nemesis, the Rollin 30s Harlem Crips. To their immediate west are their close allies the Black P. Stone City Side Bloods and to their northwest border are the School Yard Crips. The rival Mid-City Stoners 13 and the Playboy Surenos 13 Hispanic gangs are north of their neighborhood. In California, the Rollin 20s NHB's fiercest rivalries are with the Rollin 30's Harlem Crips and the Hispanic 18th Street Gang. Other rivals include the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, School Yard Crips, the Mansfield Gangster Crips, Playboy Gangster Crips and the West Boulevard Crips. Due to their commonality in rivals, the Rollin 20s have a strong relationship with both the Black P. Stones and the Fruit Town Brims. Other allies include the Inglewood Neighborhood Pirus, Rollin 20s Outlaw Bloods, Blood Stone Pirus, Blood Stone Villains, Harvard Park Brims, the Crenshaw Mafia Gang and the Inglewood Family Gang.



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