Royce Da 5'9"

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Royce Da 5'9"

Ryan Montgomery, a Detroit, Michigan MC.

Once was half of the group "Bad Meets Evil" alongside Eminem. Both were signed to Tommy Boy under. Royce developed beef with D-12, and ended up falling out with Eminem and the rest of the Shady / Aftermath camp, which he has recently settled. Royce is also a member of the rap supegroup Slaughterhouse, which also features Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, and Joe Budden. Considered to be the best lyricist ever.


You in the pickle kicking a bucket
I'm pulling strings like I'm lifting a puppet

I have a nigga blistering quicker then chicken pox
In a box in a river sitting stiffer then six o'clock

And I am the head reaper about the sick shit
You about to see dead people without the "Sixth Sense"

Its like my kidneys compensate for what my liver couldn’t
I’m a wolf, to kill me you gon’ need a silver bullet

Ya'll will put tax with probable action
Cause you probably been acting in my honorable absence

Props to a poet or a oscar
No comparison, its like a croc to the logo of lacoste

I'm from the city of GATORS, haters I dealt wit them dudes
If you don't like me, then likely I'll make a belt wit ya shoes

They told me that you ain’t the pistol type
So you know to me that means that you a frisco dyke

(I'm Strapped) Like a pair of three quarter air forces
Paint the wall with you like some sort of red portrait

Whatever I'm saying's real
I shovel out the bullshit that's how I level the playing field

My saliva and spit can split thread into fiber and bits
So trust me, I'm as live as it gets

Experts, Bad and Evil is comin' soon
MC's get stuck, head first back in they mother's womb

Last real nigga alive, Tupac's prodigy
Take it even past conceited, I mock modesty

And yall must of forgot, Nickel Be Tech Holdin'
My bitch Superbad, yours look like Seth Rogan

^ I swear to god I thought of that line It was like 'Im Superbad like Seth Rogen' but then I realized Jonah Hill was the main character so I didn't use the line.

I'm burying you, 'cause squeezing ain't shit
My guns be speaking to players like Stephen A. Smith

If the block was any hotter I could start a cult
I was trouble the minute my momma's water broke

I'm what choice is the option
Royce to hip hop is what Mike Buffer's voice is to boxing

All we do is court strippers
Your metal freezing like its a morgue zipper

Any old cat could give a description that's best
Say I'm a throwback to niggas like Mitchell & Ness


  • Rock City (2002)
  • Death Is Certain (2004)
  • M.I.C. Mixtape (2004)
  • Independent's Day (2005)
  • The Bar Exam Mixtape (2007)
  • The Bar Exam 2 Mixtape (2008)
  • The Revival EP (2009)
  • Street Hop (2009)
  • Bar Exam 3 Mixtape (2009)

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