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Sam Sneed

Sam Anderson, US MC, producer.


Sam Sneed (born Sam Anderson 1968 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania) is a producer and rapper. He originally got his start working as a producer for K-Solo and the Hit Squad.

Death Row Records

In 1993 he was signed to Death Row Records, releasing only one single, U Better Recognize featuring Dr. Dre, in 1994. He became well known for a catchphrase, "My name is Sam Sneed, you better recognize!" which originally appeared in the song "Pump Pump" which appeared on the Snoop Dogg debut album, Doggystyle. He also appeared in the Death Row movie, Murder Was the Case. The "Murder was the Case" single peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart, #18 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart and #48 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

Sam Sneed also produced the hit songs "Keep Their Heads Ringin'" and "Natural Born Killaz" for Dr. Dre. He recorded an album on Death Row Records with his group Street Scholars in 1996 which included J-Flexx, Sharief, Vance Buford & Stocks McGuire aka Drauma which remains unreleased.

After Death Row

Sneed was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1999, which put a temporary halt to his career;[1] he has since recovered and is once again an active hip hop producer. He has since produced songs for the likes of G-Unit, Scarface, Jay-Z and many others he has confirmed he has been recently working with Dr. Dre. He has also started his own label Street Scholars Entertainment.

Production Discography

Title Performer(s) Album
I Can't Hold Back, Premonition of a Black Prisoner,

Sneak Tip, Who's Killin' Who?, Household Maid, King of the Mountain, Rock Bottom (1992)

K-Solo Time's Up
Where We From Lil Raz, PMD, Uniq Zero Tolerance
U Better Recognize (1994) Sam Sneed Feat. Dr. Dre Murder Was the Case
Natural Born Killaz (1994) Dr. Dre Feat. Ice Cube Murder Was the Case
U Better Recognize (Extended Remix) (1994) Sam Sneed Feat. Dr. Dre Death Row: The Singles Collection
Keep Their Heads Ringin' (1995) Dr. Dre Feat. Nancy Fletcher Friday
Street Scholars (1995) J-Flexx Feat. Dr. Dre Street Scholars (Unreleased) & Stayin' Alive(J-Flexx Album)
Lady Heroin (1995) Sam Sneed Feat. J-Flexx Street Scholars (Unreleased) & Stayin' Alive(J-Flexx Album)
Blueberries (1995) Sam Sneed Feat. Snoop Dogg Street Scholars (Unreleased)
In Da Zone (1995) Sam Sneed Feat. J-Flexx & Drauma aka Stocks McGuire Street Scholars (Unreleased)
Guilty As Sin (1995) Sharief & Stocks McGuire Feat. Kurupt Street Scholars (Unreleased)
Let The Madness Begin (1995) Stocks McGuire, R.C., & Jheryl Lockhart Street Scholars (Unreleased)
Hollywood Squares Sam Sneed Street Scholars (Unreleased)
Just Lettin' Bitches Know Sam Sneed Feat. Lady of Rage Street Scholars (Unreleased)
Blueberry (1996) Tha Dogg Pound, LBC Crew, Prince Ital Joe Tha Doggfather
Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (1997) Capone-n-Noreaga Closer Single
Bag O' Weed (1998) Nate Dogg Feat. Tray Dee G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1 & 2
Streets Is All I Know (Sam Sneed Radio Mix) (1998) Jake The Flake & The Flint Thugs
Sleepin' With The Enemy (1999) Cherrelle The Right Time
Anything (2000) Jay-Z The Truth
Super Bitch (2001) JT Money Blood Sweat and Years
The Golden Child (2003) Sam Sneed Feat. J-Flexx, Tigha The Golden Child (VLS Single)
Put It Down (2003) Josey Whales Feat. Sam Sneed
What Comes Around, The Matrix (2003) Sam Sneed What Comes Around Single
Thug Gonna Do (2003) P. Skam Feat. Sam Sneed & Kynady Lee
I Smell Pussy (2003) G-Unit Beg For Mercy
Fuckin With Face (2003) Scarface Balls and My Word
Cali (2003) Jasz aka Kynady Lee Feat. Sam Sneed The Nominee's Are...And The Winner Is (Vol. 2)
Curious Tony Yayo Feat. Joe Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon
Her Again (2005) Crave Demboyz
Till Thee Angels Come (2007) Killah Priest Feat. Hell Razah The Offering
Slaves (2008) Sam Sneed Feat. Meshun Fuller