Saskatchewan Warriors

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The Saskatchewan Warriors are the latest branch of The Warriors conglomerate operating in both Saskatoon and Regina. This emerging gang runs their own operations separate from the Manitoba Warriors and members have a loose connection with the gang it modeled itself after. Members of the Saskatchewan Warriors are exclusively Native and typically range between the ages of 17 to late 20's. Hardcore members are known to sport arm bars along with other various tattoos symbolizing their affiliations along with vest as seen above. Their enemies include the Native Syndicate, Indian Posse, Native Pride and Redd Alert.


Aboriginal Gangs in Prairie Provinces in "Crisis Proportions"

Gang Killer Gets 12 Years For Murder


S.W are mostly teens from 12 to 19 they only got a few guys that are in there 20's they sounds like a small time crew...

S.W nothing but scrubs 12 years olds and 17 year olds who think they warriors lmao you gotta be 20-30 to be ah DUB!!!

Sask warriors goin to be takin over! north central knows whats goin down!


m dubs haha! man when "I" corner ur "mdubs" they act all nice and PUSSSSY!! more like manitoba wimps!!!!!!! haha! oh ya one of ur boyz is marked child molester- MIKE HAWKINS MWK4LYFE

These Guys Are Dien Out Most Of Our Hommies Are Rollin Out those Fucken Rats