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The West Side (W/S) School Yard Crips are a predominately, but not exclusively, African American street gang founded in western district of the Mid-City area of South Los Angeles, California. Founded in the early 1980's, the School Yard Crips' territory is bordered by La Brea Avenue to the West, Crenshaw Blvd. to the East, Venice Boulevard to the North and the Santa Monica Freeway to the South. The School Yard Crips have over 200 active members documented in police gang files. This gang falls under the "Tray (3x)" card and are generally friendly towards most gangs who falls under the Gangster Crip identity. The School Yard Crips' territory lies adjacent to the now closed World on Wheels Skating Rink [1]; a popular hang-out for gang-related youths in South Los Angeles. The School Yard Crips and the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips are two of the main rival gangs who attended the skating rink every weekend which would usually result in some kind of violent altercation. The School Yard Crips have also engaged in warfare with gangs under the Tray(3x) card such as their active 30 year war with the Mansfield Gangster Crips as well as the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. Falling under the Tray(3x) card, the School Yard Crips are rivals of all Neighbor Hood Crips, specifically the Rollin 30's Harlem Crips, Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 50s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips and the West Boulevard Crips. Their main Blood rivals include the Black P. Stone City Side Bloods, Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods, Harvard Park Brims and Fruit Town Brims. They also had past conflicts with factions of the Hispanic 18th Street Gang.

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