Screwed and chopped

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screwed and chopped

Slowed down versions of rap songs, made popular by DJ Screw. Apparently influenced by the consumption of "lean", cough syrup mixed with sprite, which could understandably slow down one's perception of things.

DJ Screw gets his name from when he was younger, he used to use a screw on the records to make different sounds, but he is known for his slowing down of music. That is the "screwed" part, and the chopped part is the specific way that he mixed his music. He died of an OD, RIP Screw.

An example of this technique was used by Producer Michael "5000" Watts of the Swisha House on Paul Wall's 2005 CD "The People's Champ"

Use the dj software at Screwlab to make your own screwed and chopped music. Screw and chop your mp3s with your computer. Free demo and free screwed and chopped MP3s.

People have followed in his steps but none can duplicate him. DJ's never intend to take over his position but rather to have it live on. Followers include DJ Black, DJ SK4ZM, DJ Michael "5000" Watts, Paul Wall, OG Ron C, DJ Bull, DJ Yellaboy, DJ Zill, etc...