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Don't Vandalise other people's work

To whomever ruined the article on Toronto, Fuck off

You'll have to get use to it. Lotta people here erase articles. Is a Canadian site though? Because I can find millions of Canadian articles but barely any American articles.

naw we just took this shit over, its american but they dont represent their shit as much for whatever reason -VS.

Mother FUCK a "citation"....suck a dick....there....we "discussed" it. What's to discuss?? It's all about T.O...and fuck the police and wack ass fake ass net nerds. Only fuckers offended are PIGS and NERDS...fuck em.

Regardless, the center tag still makes the article difficult to read --NathanBedfordForrest 12:13, 18 January 2008 (CET)

ayo im from winnipeg and i was wondering why the homocide rate is so low yo t-dot wat up

Homocide? I don't know if that was suppose to be a clever joke or if you're just a blithering idiot, but don't base all of your 'hood' statistics on a Homicide rate. Simple estimates which tend to be the least accurate out of anything revolving around crime in your city. You feel proud cause Winnipeg has a homicide rate of 4.1 to every 100,000? Well let me ask you, why can't yall go any higher than 24 murder's in a year? Toronto alone, beat's that x3. Tell your wagon-burning gangster's to start fucking some shit up...or not do anything at all.

dont be mad cause theirs only nigger gangsters in toronto but not no other Canadian city