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Bold text I was a fool throw high school

didn't make grades

I was a broken tool

I wish i can take this pain away

pain keep coming back everyday

I wana go to thos days back then

I think about it

oh here i go again

dose anybody know what love is

It hits you up like a pop quiz

life for me is alot of stress

will i die with recpict of success

all we need in this world is love hugs

why don't we get it just cause were thugs

i don't wana be last one lift

if i do clean me off like snowdrift

i thought god is always looking at me

he picked me up and throw me in the sea

I think this world is hard to understand

it's like life already planned

In this world your always on your own

then you die and your unknown

My best rapper tupac died

our love for you is worldwide

when are we ganna have peace

nobody can't do shit Fuck the police

hey dre this is my rap this about my life if u look into u can see what im talking about and i wanna be a rapper so can u help me out this will help me a lot dawg


Wassup Doc

This is Rejek ... i've been tryna get a deal for a long long time ... sent shit to Deathrow when they were still up there with u, snoop & pac ... is there any way I can send you a demo tape or something cuz I don't know who 2 send my shit 2 anymore ... not like i can pick up the <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='Search for: yellow pages'; self.ql_skeyphrase='yellow%20pages'; if(window.event) self.ql_sevent=window.event.srcElement; self.ql_timeout = setTimeout('ql_doMouseOver(1)', 1000); self.ql_isOverLink=true; return true;" onclick="if(self.ql_timeout) clearTimeout(self.ql_timeout); self.ql_isOverTip = false; ql_closeiframe(); self.ql_skeyphrase='yellow%20pages'; window.status='Search for: yellow pages';return true;" onmouseout="window.status=; if(self.ql_timeout) clearTimeout(self.ql_timeout); self.ql_isOverTip = false; setTimeout('ql_closeiframe()', 1500); ">yellow pages</a> and get address as i'm livin in South Africa dawg ... hola @ me ... REJEK@THEPUB.CO.ZA ... Thanks a lot homie