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Parma Court Nigga Get DOwn Or Lay Down Shout Outs 2 block niggaz E.A.M East African Mafia Hood Gang yuits

P.C.B Parma COurt Boyz

And Dem Niggaz holdin down Da top of Da block

hold it down my niggaz

Flemingdon park na jungle!

yo first off i think that shawnie boi is talkn bout flemingdon na jungle! and plus yo fuck all this colours shit! u boiz gotta get together and solve sumtin...u guys is starten beef over this dumb bitch said flemo is crip..u say its blood dunt matter flemo is flemo wen shit goes down in ure hood colour is the last shit u gotta wrry bout mayn....u gotta stand up for ure hood!...i got boiz in raskalz in FLEMINGDON park straight up man! and plus i lived dare for 13 years and im 14 now and yo gut daz na right wat u bad boiz is fighten ova!....and yo there aint NO HOOOD! i mean NO HOOD! dat can fuck with flemo park....if shit goes down in ure hood no matter wat color u,blue,black,white wat ever! we get together and fuck er one up! u gotta undertsand dat! i gotta tell ya even though flemo is mostly bloods ther is crip! down by gateway or round vendome or grenoble areaz but hblock still is crip...i dunt see noe hblock boiz rockin red....all blue!....and ryan ma man u probz live round flemingdon park field or sumtin...i think they bloodz dunno really! soo settle this shit if u both from flemo colour dunt matta if iwas u i would smoke a blount ova this and just lay back and bump sum JB or Maestro! sum flemo SHIAT! any comments or compliments hit me up at (647)294-4277 or email dunt be starten beef wif me man im just tryna put it back in da fridge u noe? ight Ez! -ps. why the fuck does he have the same name as me dumb biotch! i want ma name back yo! -Shawn

wow flemo is mostly crips-south side niggaz-grenoble strip 61 south-(61 has like three bloodz)