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When a collective of artists decide to call themselves a team it can only be done with success in mind. Hailing from the West coast of Canada, five young men by the names of Stomp, Jay Mak, Hellnback, Drezus and Tomislav make up the infamous Team Rezofficial. Comprised of two producers and three MCs, they are making waves in Alberta and Winnipeg with the release of their second full album, The World [And Everything In It]. The collective came together in 2004 when Stomp (formerly with War Party) and Jay Mak originally began Rezofficial Music as a production duo. When Hellnback (formerly Kool-Ayd The Chubby Cree) left War Party to pursue a solo career, Stomp and Jay Mak recruited him and then-newcomers Drezus and Tomislav to handle emcee duties. Whether speaking on the block, the reservation, or hanging out at the club, the Team Rezofficial sound comes out of authentic rez experience and urban life in Canada.


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