The Don's gang

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The Don’s Gang

Founded By Kyjuan “Wish Bone” Jenkins and various other drug dealers

Years Active 1971 – Present

Territory Donavan Street and Wond Road, Milky Lane through Glen Road, Hermit S. Middle School, March Avenue, 17th street, 29th street through Miles Lane, Buffalo, New York and Norfolk, Virginia

Ethnicity Black

Membership 4,000-9,000

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Prostitution, Home Invasion, Murder, Extortion, Street Protection, Identity Theft, Conspiracy, Loan Sharking, Sex Escort, Money Laundering, and Drug Trafficking

Allies the Hoodlums Gang, Holo218 Families, Mercy Street Families, Zoner Nation, LaManzella-Babilonie Crime Family, Folk Nation and Pee Wee Mafia

Rivals Porch Street Crew, O.G. Riders, Dyke Posse and various gangs

The Don's gang first started out as the Jacket Boy's gang in 1971. Lead by Kyjuan “Wish Bone” Jenkins he would first make a imprint in the city through truck jacking. He would fence the stolen goods for money. The money made would open the doors for him to began loan sharking operations. During this time his gang was only 50 deep operating out of a corner stole on the corner of 28th road and Donovan street. Himself and his little cousin Fredrick “Flamster” Brown ran the gang. Fredrick is recognized as the person that introduce Kyjuan to the marijuana drug trade. As the 70's progressed they moved up to drug of choice of popularity. As they did they would battle with small time drug dealers for control of turf. Through these aggressive tactics they gain larger membership by engulfing smaller street gangs such as the 62 Street Youngsters, Raymond Block Boy's, Snake City Crew and War Time Babies.

Dons Gang

They continued their large scale of engulfing gangs until the 80's. Wanting to be the sole supplier of the city Kyjuan called a peace summon between every drug lord. At the meeting a number of 8 drug lords came and agreed to split the city into respect of sections. This agreement would be the forming of there banner name known as the Lock Circle. To celebrate their new found relationship Kyjuan renamed his gang to the Skywalkers. They then started a brand of drugs called the Don's Choice. Kyjuan wasn't happy with the money he was gaining so he started making moves against his partners. Before they could even react he order their murders. This fate would meet all parties until Kyjuan was the top drug lord of the city. By the this time most people began calling them the Don's gang.

Don's Gang Fall

He build a network shipping drugs across the country. This network would famous be known as the Don's Stronghold. As he expand to open markets he had to start a new recruitment. One of the people that would join was Scot Smith a undercover agent. After learning of the network and the inter-working of the Don's gang. The police would lock Kyjuan up for life as well as charging him with the death of each member of the Lock Circle. To stay on top Cameron “Pry” Hawkins stayed up as the new leader of the Don's gang and shut down recruitment. From the shut down of recruitment's they would suffer. Rival gangs began eating away at there large empire. Cameron never act on that causing there decline. Cameron would lead the gang until his death of diabetes 1999. Louis “Footy” Douglas didn't do much neither but open recruitment and break the gang into clicks hoping this would stop their rivals from attacking and taking over. Louis also tried moving them into arms dealing. He would be shot in 2004 by unknown person.

Zoner Nation

Robert “Lonely Low” Santana would take over a dying gang. He first open recruitment to females. This opened a membership of 4,000. Lil Al Be a member of Hoodie Holo offered him a larger affliction. The Don's then join the Zoner Nation banner. Around this time Holo's sub gang Born Savage was locked in a war between leadership. The Don's gang support the leadership of Zeke. This war would end months later with the shooting of gang leader Lil Red Dawg. Lil Red Dawg would live and from this war the Don gang was put in charge of writing a peace charter. This charter would be sign in O'Fallon, Missouri. They as well have stop claiming turf just as Holo. This has made it harder for rivals to locate members. The also adopt Holo's structure at one time but went back to there old one. Since there join Holo they've set up chapters in other cities such as Buffalo, New York and Norfolk, Virginia.


The Don's Gang has been widely known to wear Black .Unlike Holo they're not require to wear bandana's since they're creation was not to serve as a gang but as suppliers. They're underlings are seen thou to have been drafting off from the ideas and have since made the move to at lease wear sport teams. There favorite to wear the Anaheim Ducks .They wear the Ducks as a sign of respect thru colors since they have orange and black as there color. Black is to them as Orange it to show respect to Holo and there color. They also have acronym for it as well. Don 's United City Killers. They also run with the motto of Everyone Works With The Don. Meaning everyone will or has already worked for them. They also cross out N's (don't truly know the reason).

List Of Known Clicks

Donovan Street gets it's name from the street it occupies. They are a distract sub set from it's banner the Don's Gang. They began to become a subset in 2004 with the lose of Louis “Footy” Douglas. There first known sub leader was Antony “Fire House” English. He was given permission to start his own subset by the Don's Gang leader. Since it's formation they have gone through 3 leaders. Antony English being it's founder was locked up in 2005. Tory English, Antony’s little brother stepped up until he too was locked up in 2008. There now lead by Erwin “Mystery” Hester. They refuse to claim territory Donovan Street has a very strong presence through Milky Lane and Glen Road. Which is said to be a uneasy alliance with the Glen Road Projects. There agreement is known as the Don's Road or The Road to the Don.

Jenkin Street Hustlers subset lies in the center of the Donovan Street and Wond Road. They're membership is made up of mostly teenagers. They began to bang out in 2006. There name is derived from there founder banner gang Kyjuan “Wish Bone” Jenkins. Inspired by his legend a group of teenagers banded together to prove there ability to hustle just as better then the Donovan Street. By 2007 The Don's Gang took them as there own subset. Jenkin Street Hustlers are seen in 2010 to expand out of street operations and into movies with one of there members a up and coming rising star.

Diva Don's started in 2001 by Ivy “Poison” Johnson at Hermit S. Woodstock Middle School. Ivy started a all girl gang known as the Diva's a anatomy which means Dona Ivy Victorious Always. What started off as a simple small time all female gang, worked it's way up to the top of the food chain. Mastering drug dealing, home invasion, drug smuggling, small time hits and sex escort. By 2004 with the lose of Louis “Footy” Douglas. Ivy was selected to represent the female population of the Don's Gang. With her acceptance she adopt Don as her last name ushering in the Diva Don's. The Diva Dons are the only subset that is miles away from the center of the gang. There territory stretches from West March Avenue on 17th street and East 29th street crossing through Miles Lane overlapping with the Porch Street Crew a independent rival to the Diva Don's.

Don Kity Mobsters was started in late 2002 by Louis “Footy” Douglas in hopes to combat with the rivals that engulf there turf and ranks. The Don Kity Mobsters were headed by Demetrius “Yummy” Peoples. Through the poor leadership of Footy the DKM's ranks shrank from 120 to 9. Yummy died a year leader after there formation turning over virtual nothing but name to Robert “Loney Low” Santana. With the untimely death of Footy,Loney Low rose through the ranks. The DKM's just as well as the Don's repopulated with new policy. The DKM's are smaller then the other fractions of the Don's but are more dangerous acting as the Don's self elite soldiers.


  • President
  • Chief Adviser
  • Governor
  • Captain
  • Soldier

The president is the leader of the whole organization. He is paid through tribe given to him by his underlings. He also sit as one of the members of the ruling board known as the Cabin. He has absolute power over all the clicks with in the Don's gang. Under the president is their chief adviser who handles all financial issues and disputes amongst the underlings. Governor's are leaders of sub sets and acts as commanding rulers to blocks that’s assign to them. They only answer to the president. Captains are assign to crews that work blocks. These crews can range in members of 30 to 50. Last are the soldiers, they do all the work that’s assign to them as well as protecting there business interest.