The K.I.D

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The K.I.D.

Born Woodrow Williams on the west side of Chicago, IL, in 2/7/1990 The K.I.D(Killa In Disguise) grew up at a very early age. He was changing his triplet brothers diapers at 5 years old. He was introduced to chicago gangs when he moved to tha SW side in 96'. Thats when he started to take a downfall. He was not in a gang but was always hanging out with his friends which were in different sets such as Gangster Disciple, Latin Kingz and Black Stones and many others. He never got into any real big incidents but was down for anything. He started rapping at the age of 12 in his basement with good friend Robert aka Union Boi. As he got older he matured into the rap genre.

Influenced by mainstream artist such as Kanye West, Ludacris and The Game he studied from their lyrics. Then he was turned on to the underground rap. That is when he went all out. Known for his versatile rhyming skills and funny antics he was able to fit into his battles. He was spitting freestyles to everyone he could and was not scared of being put down. He took that as a compliment. He then moved out the hood to a preppy city called Blue Springs, MO right next to Kansas City. Even though he was taken away from what he loved, he continues to write and spit all the time. He visits his old hood 79th and Whipple and Sacramento. From what he has heard ever since he left Chicago has been going to hell. Also friends with Rocky from Chicago rap group "KOLD PHYRE"

Ready to hit tha booth with all his written raps he has been workin on for years...coming 8/1/06 look for the CD

Now my Chitown niggaz - stand up, but if u in a wheelchair, then put both hands up -- The K.I.D (Chicago Cornerz) [1]