The Tip Gang

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The Tip Gang

Founded By Edward “Rock” Chowder(Road Block Park Mafia)

Years Active 1985-Present

Ethnicity Black

Criminal Activities Arm Robberies, Dog Fighting, Drug Trafficking, Murder, Assault, Money Laundering and Extortion

Allies Black Squad Mafia Holo Families, Assassins, Four Corner Hustlers and Mercy Street Families

Rivals Surface, Full Force gang, Soldier Sity Saint's(the 3'S), 36th Elvin Block Boyz and T.B.J's


The gang started in 1985 from a common community beef between a local homegrown gang known as Full Force. Full Force members engaged in a initiation ritual which called on the prospect to go and fight a outside person. Many of the member got entry by jumping nearby residents. To combat this terror Edward Chowder and a group of friends started a campaign that would be known as Road Block. Their intentions to stop the beating we're meet with brutality force by Full Force. Full Force leaders called each and every member to attack supports of Road Block. In doing so Road Block increase support from neighboring schools and communities. In 1986 a supporter of Road Block was raped by members of Full Force. Wanting retaliation schoolmates and family of the girl called on Edward to retaliate. Edward called a private meeting with leading supporters at June Widow community park. Edward and the leading members decided to adopt Road Block as a homegrown gang of there own. They then required their supporters to be placed as members. The school's became boarder territories using Road Block Park Mafia as there banner. Subsets rose from the schools clinging to names such as Road Block Cruisers or Road Block Tyrant's. This new found organization began to compete over membership. Nearly every week meeting up in random parks and parking lots fighting with bats and pipes. Edward was in the middle of most of the fights gaining a reputation and a loyal backing from other gangs in the city. In 1989 the fighting between Full Force and Road Block grow to a peak when Full Force leaders employed there membership to carry around hand guns. Most members of Road Block at that time didn't have connections to get guns, so they made homemade pipe guns. Gun play soon followed with many members on both sides scattering out of sight from the bullets. In 1993 Full Force came under multiple indictment with many leaders facing long jail sentences. With non wanting to give up there power Full Force began battling for leadership with many rivals exploiting there weakness. Edward would settle for just pushing Full Force completely out there mother territory. Feeling complete Edward step down as leader to join the army leaving Maurice “Spider” Latimer as leader of the Road Block Park Mafia. They would adopt “Tip” as there new moniker when Jamie “Tip Top” Wilford, Maurice's cousin was killed by a Soldier Sity Saint member. In doing so this would lead to the beef between the two gangs. Rumor is the girlfriend of a member of the Soldier's was also going with Tip Top. In finding out about this the member killed Tip Top. To remember and mark many of there members they choose to go by the Tip's in 1996. The Tip's gang gained head way connecting with allies such as the Assassins gang. In 2002 Maurice was found dead from a overdose of heroin. By then many member of the once powerful Tips where sprung out on crack and various other drugs. To this effect many of the territories were broken off by off springs. Younger members started a campaign called “Take the Tip!”. Many new leaders adopted the campaign pushing for the members to stop drug abuse. They also expanded into prisons sharing allies with Four Corner Hustlers. The Hustlers grow from the prison yard and into one of the Tip's most powerful allies. In 2011 the Tip's joined the Holo218 Families affiliation becoming a major subset. During this time members of the T.B.J's subset began to beef with the Tip's. This beef hasn't grown into gun play but they have gotten into fights resulting in many of the members of each side going to the E.R. Their beef is seen as unofficial by many of the Zoners and Born Savage members have since has called them together to call a peace. In doing so many of them aren't active in the beef. But off shoots of the large T.B.J subset has small units acting on there own continuing the beef.


The Tip's are known to wear black and in rare cases white. They are seen as a neural gang to many only acting in there own beefs. Each and every member is always seen throwing up there gang sign which the American hand sign of P which is used to them as a capital T. They also wear Tennessee Titans hats. Tip also served at one point with there own acronym different from Holo's acronym. They broke the letters down Trust In People a nod to there Four Corner Hustler allies. They refused to tag up there area's which has made it hard for outside members to know there true membership numbers. Many of the old subsets broke down into smaller subsets holding memberships of 10 to sometimes even 50. Since the changing of the name to Tip they've found it easier to divide the borders by city geographies. With many of the Tip's calling home west-side Tip or south-side Tip. With few making impacts in the north-side Tip territories or east-side Tip territories.


The Tip's don't jump members in, but instead welcome any persons that lives in their territories. They heavy recruit outside of the city moving membership in there city or creating quite toe holds in outside places. There a close gang only recruiting members with black backgrounds.


  • Commissioner
  • Street Commissioner
  • Shot Caller
  • Soldier

The commissioner sits at the chair of Zoner Nation members acting on the interest of the Tip's. He is also the leader of the Tips period. Before any crew can don the Tip's moniker or even seek any thought of actives that evolve the Tip's. They most first get the ok from the Commissioner. They is no such thing as a official beef or war without the Commissioner's blessing to go to that level. Once the Commissioner has given the ok. Each and every crew most join in the war until given word to pullout. Each and every Street Commissioner pays a percentage to the Commissioner. Under the Commissioner is the Street Commissioner who acts as the second in command. They are in charge and the leader of the neighborhood they're crew is occupying. Each crew is lead by one Street Commissioner. The Street Commissioner is given all power to operate his crew and anyway he see fit as long as it doesn't conflict with the Commissioners orders. Shot Callers are third in line and third in power serving under the Street Commissioner. They are in charge of the soldiers. Shot Callers also play the role of electing there own Street Commissioner. While Street Commissioner's vote on a Commissioner. Shot Callers are also usually placed in schools to recruit. Soldiers are last in line and only hold power over prospects. Soldiers are made to do most of the knock work that Shot Callers don't do.


Known subsets of the Tip's gang

(West-side Tip's)

Flatdowning Tip's

13 street Rose Tip's

Castle Hustler Tip's

Ol Town Tip's

20 street Shot Caller Tip's

Tower Half Park Tip's

So So City Tip's

Road Block Cruiser Tip's

23 street Tick Tock Tip's

Fo Fo(44 street) Tip's

Unusual Tip's

Death Town Tip's

Black Tip's

(East-side Tip's)

(50 street)Signature Tip's

Road Block Park Country Tip's

Larking Lot Tip's

(South-side Tip's)

No Joke Tip's

(Martin Luther King Drive)Outta Town Tip's

Block Century Tip's

Ri$hie Ri$h Tip's

Magazine Street Mafia Tip's

Newport Pimp Tip's

Southern House Tip's

9900 Block Tip's

(North-side Tip's)

Evil Fa$e Tip's

Flag Mask Tip's

Road Block Tip's