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budd im 19 and ottawa in 2006 had a murder rate of 4.10 which is very hgih u faggot look it up and c

ottawa never had a murder rate of 4.1...that's the type of number you get in winnipeg or edmonton, not softawa. even 4.1 is like the softest american cities, not even bad. stop tryin to make it more than it is... -Vs.

in ottawa - gatineau area and yeah it did u faggot if it has a high murder rate dont mean it has a lot of murders

Quit combining the two cities. Ottawa had a homicide rate of 1.85 per 100,000. You combine that with Gatineau and you got a homicide rate of 4 per every 100,000 thus making Gatineau have a homicide rate of 3.85 per 100,000 and it was clearly stated that it was a record high for them.

ur very stupid in the U.S in new york they don't even have the murer rate of 2.0 there a lot crime cuz there a big population like in city with a big number of ppl in it and 4.1 was my mastake i made it was something like 2.3

and you don't know shit about ottawa theres some pussy and lots of hard niggas.

Realistically, no city anywhere in Canada has a murder problem that is close to what the more dangerous of American cities have. Not even Winnipeg or Edmonton. As far as Gatineau and Ottawa not being combined, that's impossible, the 2 cities are way to inter-connected. it's all 1 city, it's just an invisible Provincial border that seperates them. That's like saying, oh wait, Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri are 2 different cities, they aren't, they are too integrated.

On the whole, Ottawa is safe. It has some extremely dangerous areas, like any other city. I just find here, people are much more discriminate when it comes to murder. Nobody here will kill you for no reason, usually. Besides, a dead man can't pay debts. Ottawa's gangs are alot harder then people think. They are also much more brazen. They will usually do home invasions to get people to pay up, rather then making an example and not getting any money... they make an example and keep getting paid. Also, since this is the Nation's Capital, no one wants Ottawa to have a reputation, so most crimes go un-reported to the media, and anything violent gets swept under the rug.