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The South Side (S/S) Watts Varrio Grape 13 (SSWVG) are a long standing, primarily Mexican American street gang located in the unincorporated community of Watts in South Los Angeles, California. Founded in the 1970's around the Jordan Downs housing projects, this gang was originally named the "Watts Varrio Grape" and consisted of both African-American and Mexican-American members. However, under the influence of the powerful Mexican Mafia prison gang, the Latino members began distancing themselves from the African-American members and began to identify themselves under the Sureños banner during the late 1970's. They would eventually change their name to "South Side Varrio Grape" and adopted the number "13" to show loyalty to the Mexican Mafia. This drastic chain of events influenced the African-American members of Watts Varrio Grape Street to create the "Watts Baby Loc" followed by the Grape Street Watts Crips. Despite their affiliations to the Mexican Mafia, the Watts Varrio Grape Street 13 and the Grape Street Watts Crips maintained a strong alliance with each other throughout the years. Members of the Watts Varrio Grape Street 13 sport the color purple as their primary color. Their rivals include the Fudge Town Mafia Crips, Watts Varrio Elm Street 13, Watts Ivy Street, Watts Hickory Street and the Florencia 13.



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