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Nestled between Downtown Winnipeg and Wolseley near a bend in the Assiniboine River, the neighbourhood of West Broadway is one of the oldest in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. More than half of the homes in the neighbourhood were built before 1946. It is bounded by Portage Avenue to the north, Maryland Street to the west, Osborne Avenue to the east, and the Assinaboine River to the south. Although West Broadway consists of mainly middle-class families, the neighbourhood has fought for more than a decade against a reputation for crime, poverty, and violence that has given it nicknames like "murder row". The average household income in 2000 was just $21,000 in West Broadway, compared with $53,000 in the rest of Winnipeg. In fact, a full quarter of households make do with less than $10,000 a year. More than 90 per cent of residents here rent their homes. The community is ethnically diverse; at least 23 languages (besides French and English) are understood here, and 42 per cent of the population's residents belong to a visible minority, including Native Canadians.


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