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West End

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The West End of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a mostly residential area just west of Downtown Winnipeg. It is bordered by Route 62 (Osborne, Memorial, Colony, and Balmoral Streets) on the east and stretches as far west as St. James Street, the boundary between the old City of Winnipeg and St. James-Assiniboia. The southern boundary is the Assiniboine River and the northern boundary is Notre Dame Avenue. It includes the neighbourhoods of West Broadway, Armstrong's Point, Spence, Wolseley, St. Matthews, Daniel McIntyre, Sargent Park, and Minto. The area is very ethnically diverse with many Native ,Portuguese, Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, East Indian Sudanese, Somolian and families residing there. The area began a steady decline in the years following World War II as many of the more affluent families moved to Winnipeg's suburbs and much of the housing stock was converted to rooming houses and became dilapidated. Since the 1970s, parts of the area, particularly the neighbourhoods east of Arlington Street have been marked by crime. The majority of the properties in these areas are rentals with a transient population, and in the last decade prostitution has become a serious problem. Poverty is a serious problem in this part of the West End. The West Broadway neighbourhood is the poorest in the entire City of Winnipeg with an average household income of $20,923, just 40% of the average for the city, and a home ownership rate of only 6%. The Mad Cowz, African Mafia and the B-Side gang's roots can be traced to this area.


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