Yat Lo Fat

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Yat Lo Fat (一路发幫), more commonly known as 168 (一六八), is a Chinese organized crime group that originated in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada and have ties to traditional triads in Toronto and Hong kong. The name literally translates to "keep on prospering", and is derived from the pun 168. In Chinese culture, the combination of these numbers is said to be very lucky and prosperous. The founders of the gang were said to be former members of several Wo Group (和字頭) triads that disassociated themselves from the organization just before the 1997 turn of power in Hong Kong. It was said the members then immigrated to avoid harsh punishment and convictions of the People's Republic of China. Considered a triad society by the Hong Kong Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB, it continues to take part in numerous criminal activities both locally and abroad. Further reports also show that Yat Lo Fat continues to have strong ties with numerous triad societies overseas as well as domestically. Yat Lo Fat has been known to be involved in loansharking, identity theft, media piracy, murder for hire, as well as international drug trafficking. It is estimated that Yat Lo Fat has over 3000 members in Hong Kong alone, with 500 members across Canada, and over 400 associates in Canada alone.