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The '''East Side (E/S)''' [[135 Piru]] is a [[Blood]] set under the [[Piru]] card that originated in '''Rosewood''' [[California]] right outside of [[Compton]] and has spread throughout the United states.  Although they claim [[Compton]], they also claim '''East Side''' because they are in the eastern distrect of [[Rosewood]] which is part of [[Los Angeles]].  The '''West Side (W/S) 135''' is a nickname for the [[Hawthorne Piru]].  Their main rivals are the [[Carver Park Compton Crips]] and the '''Compton Varrio''' [[Tortilla Flats]] gang.  [[135 Piru]] is known to have a strong presence in '''Rosewood''' and [[Compton]] [[California]], '''Pheonix Arizona''', '''Newark New Jersey''', '''Atlanta Georgia''', and '''Houston Texas'''. 

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