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The '''East Side (E/S)''' [[135 Piru]] is a [[Blood]] set under the [[Piru]] card that originated in '''Rosewood''' [[California]] right outside of [[Compton]] and has spread throughout the United states.  Although they claim [[Compton]], they also claim '''East Side''' because they are in the eastern distrect of [[Rosewood]] which is part of [[Los Angeles]].  The '''West Side (W/S) 135''' is a nickname for the [[Hawthorne Piru]].  Their main rivals are the [[Carver Park Compton Crips]], Barrio 13, and the '''Compton Varrio''' [[Tortilla Flats]] gang.  [[135 Piru]] is known to have a strong presence in '''Rosewood''' and [[Compton]] [[California]], '''Phoenix Arizona''', '''Newark New Jersey''', '''Atlanta Georgia''', and '''Houston Texas'''.The original east sde 135 Bloods it was in 1988 until 135st boys got into a confrontation inside the Los Angeles County Jail with a mixture of crips set ,by the es135 Bloods being a smaller DAMU set the crips tried many of times to get at them ,at this time in the County Jail VILLAGE TOWN PIRU was the deepest on any ROW in the County Jail.From that point on es135bloods had to click up with the Village Town pirus,so es135 boys had to represent "Village Town 135 Piru" in order to not be out number by the crips ,so from that point on it was es135piru..     

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