145 Neighborhood Pirus

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The No Side (N/S) 145 Neighborhood Pirus are a large African-American Piru street gang in Compton, California. They are considered Neighbor Hood Pirus. The gang's territory is bounded by Rosecrans Avenue, to the North, Compton Blvd to the south, the Comtpon Creek to the east and Central Avenue to the west. Rivals include the Compton Varrio 155, Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats, Palmer Blocc Compton Crips, Raymond Street Hustler Compton Crips, Santana Blocc Compton Crips, South Side Compton Crips, and the Acacia Blocc Compton Crips/Spook Town Compton Crips/Farm Dog Compton Crips (a.k.a the A.T.F). They also have a long standing feud with the Tree Top Pirus. The 145 NHPs are allies of all Neighbor Hood Pirus, including Original Block Piru 151 and Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods. Other allies include West Side Piru, Campanella Park Pirus, Cedar Block Piru, 135 Piru and the Village Town Piru.


  • 145th Street
  • Poplar Street



Real Bloods don't rep Neighborhood or Rollin in their name that's Crip shit and we Bloods we rep Original Block.