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The 1st Street East Coast Crips, also known as the “One Gang“ or the “First Street Gang” is an African American street gang located in East Los Angeles, California. Founded in the early 1970s, this gang was originally known as the "1st Street Neigborhood Crips before they became part of the East Coast Crips umbrella. The area where this gang claims its turf is commonly known to many as "Pico-Aliso", but there are two distinct housing projects. Aliso Village is north of 1st Street and the Pico-Aliso project stretches for a mile south from 1st Street to within the shadow of the Whittier Boulevard bridge. The heart of their territory lies within the Pico-Aliso housing projects, which sits directly on 1st Street, between Gabriel Garcia Street and Gless Street. Their neighborhood stretches from 4th Street and Cesar E Chavez Ave, between Evergreen Street and Cummings Street. At one time, the 1st Street ECC were one of the most well-known and respected gang under the East Coast Crips umbrella, specifically throughout the 1980s. However, by the late 1990s, their presence and numbers dramatically declined in the Pico-Aliso housing projects. Today, the First Street Gang presence is no longer visible in this region of East Los Angeles. Speculation about the reason behind their rapid departure from the Pico-Aliso projects include the demolishing of the Aliso Village [1] to the 1st Street East Coast Crips being out numbered by local Hispanic gangs such as the Primera Flats, The Mob Crew 13, 4th Street Flats, L.A. Dukes 13 and the Clarence Street Locos. Other rivals include the Rollin 20s Outlaw Bloods, 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods, LA Denver Lane Bloods, 43 Hoover Criminals Gang and the 43 Gangster Crips. The 1st Street East Coast Crips were allies of all East Coast Crips, the 46 Neighbor Hood Crips, 55 Neighbor Hood Crips, 67 Neighbor Hood Crips and the 111 Neighbor Hood Crips. Although this gang remains inactive til this day, fellow East Coast Crips subsets still include the 1st Street East Coast Crips in their graffiti roll call ("1st Street ECC" to "190 ECC").


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