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20 B-LO is a Canadian rap group hailing from the Brahms neighbourhood in the Toronto suburb of North York, Ontario. The birth of 20 B-LO came after O & P’s original group, The Rangers, completed their first single in 1998. The unexpected loss of a third group member led to the re-development of O & P’s group strategy and eventually the creation of 20 B-LO. With a new name, and valued input from fellow-rapper Alias Don Million, 20B-LO entered their first studio session with Mr. Knia of CMP Studios in 1997- developing the single To Whom It May Concern. Marking a successful come-back, To Whom It May Concern was followed by Da Forcast, a collaboration with Alias Don Million which got play on many college and university airwaves and was on Alias Don Million’s ‘Know The Names’ album. In 2000 20B-LO released their first 12" Single titled Cold Streets again produced by Mr. Knia, which was a big hit in the underground hip-hop community. Committed to the art of hip-hop 20B-LO toured various underground and mainstream venues from 2001 to 2004 including: The Lions Den, Mel Lastman’s Square, and The Docks. In addition to live performances 20B-LO appeared on several top DJ’s mixed tapes including: DJ Shadow, DJ Ritz,and NaBob. In 2004/2005 20B-LO launched its first official mix tape entitled Dead On Sight. This tape burned up the airwaves on Project Bounce, and established itself as a top request in mom’s and pop’s shops around Canada. In the same year 20B-LO capitalized on the up rise of various DVD-Magazines appearing in, and featuring on: Da Newz, Rap Sheets, Burger Fat Productions and more. At the end of 2005 20B-LO suffered a tragic loss of an integral member of their collective crew, and the glue that held the group together. The loss of Shane "Alky" James was difficult for the group, it was particularly difficult for 20B-LO’s group member O – Alky’s best friend. Deeply affected by this loss, O’s determination for success grew even stronger as he realized that Alky would want and expect 20B-LO to come back – even harder. Still in mourning 20B-LO went back to the studio, this time with only one option – success! The first song 20B-LO created was titled What Ever You Call IT featuring Alias Don Million. An instant hit, this song was played daily on Project Bounce, Flow 93.5 and several other stations and was featured on mixed tapes across Canada. Early in 2006 20B-LO went back on tour as opening acts for hip hop veterans such as Juelz Santana and Mobb Deep.


Pow Pow ft. Alias Don Million & Porsche G

What's in it For me

So Sweet ft. Snow

20 B-Lo video for RAPSHEET DVD

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