4 Corners

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Peanut Plaza Located in the heart of 4 Corners on Don Mills Road between Finch Ave. East and Sheppard Ave. East

4 Corners is the moniker used by local youths and young adults in reference to four separate government housing communities situated on different corners in the East Willowdale community of North York in north/east Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Each community is located within the vicinity of one square block on the corners of Leslie Street, Sheppard Avenue East, Don Mills Road and Finch Ave. East. In the Sheppard/Leslie corner is Villaways, in the Don Mills/Sheppard corner is Allenbury, in the Don Mills/Finch corner is Brahms and in the Leslie/Finch corner is Sparroways. Popular hangouts for 4 Corner youths include the Peanut Plaza on Don Mills Road, Oriole Community Center and Fairview Mall (also located on Don Mills Road). This area is an ethnically diverse community, with 59% of all residents being immigrants as of 2006. Major ethnic groups include: Chinese: 23.7%, Korean: 9.6%, and Jewish: 5.8%. While English is the mother tongue for 43.7% of the population, other languages with large numbers of speakers include: Chinese: 16%, Korean: 5.4%, and Russian: 5.1%. Although the 4 Corners consist of mainly established and affluent neighbourhoods, in 2006 the area faced an average of 3.72 crimes against people per 1000 and 10.31 crimes against property. As there are a number of relatively large single family homes in the region, breaking and entering as well as street robberies is unfortunately quite common. Most if not all community members pledge their allegiance to the ABG or Allenbury Goon Crips.


Victim Identified in Peanut Plaza Shooting

Man, 18, Shot Near Don Mills & Finch

Man Shot Dead near Leslie & Finch

Shots Fired When Armed Robbers Hit North York Bank


20 B-Lo

Alias Don Million

Dirty Diggz

Strezz One


ABG Uptop:




R.I.P Zoltan Hyacinth

R.I.P Kevin "Kermz" Bennett

R.I.P Alky

R.I.P Evon "Cash" Gayle [1]

R.I.P Sheldon Anthony Henry [2]

R.I.P Julian Hinckson [3]

R.I.P Cameron "Fabulous" Alkins [4]

R.I.P Bucky

R.I.P Daffy