52 Pick Up Ent.

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52 Pick Up Ent.


[Lokz - Triumphant]

[Hypothesis - The Prediction]


52 Pick Up Ent. was founded by Lokz and MZA. They have been making tracks, producing, and battling for a minute...so they went on to recruit new members. Since then 2 cds have been realeased, both were successes, sold at school and on the streets. Every member is from Toronto, Canada but reside in many different parts of the city.

The Fam:

Lokz - Founder, Producer, Rapper, Writer, Singer

MZA - Co. Founder, Rapper, Battler, Promoter

Hypothesis - Rapper, Writer, Battler, Promoter

STK - Rapper, Battler

Ace - Rapper

T-Bone - Rapper

Jabbee - Rapper

Lethal - Battler

Everyone is working on solo projects at the moment. Look out for each members album coming soon.



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