A.B. Money

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A.B. Monkey l_2216900bad8c9dd97374274f0aa46c73.jpg Anthony Mosley, US MC.

Was orriginally with a group called Rappin is Faggy (RIF). That group was contain with three artist named AB Monkey, JR, and Easy Mo Bee. The three men had many hit songs but later broke up along the road. [ http://www.myspace.com/rappinisfundamental ] AB Money is know part owner of Platinum Ice Records and is going on tracks with famous artist and always was. In his younger years he worked with BiGbear, Devastatin' Dave, and much more. AB has a lot more coming know that he is part owner of his own record company record company. You can go to the Home page by clicking the link bellow Platinum Ice Records Home Page pir.jpg