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A.L.T. (born 1970 as Al Trivette) is an MEXICAN-American rapper known for the 1992 hit song "Tequila" (#48 on the Billboard Hot 100).


A.L.T. is from El Monte, California, and is of Mexican and French American descent. He started rapping in 1983 and started working with music producer Tony G in 1989. Tony G asked him to write a track for Kid Frost, and Frost in turn asked him to join his Latin supergroup, Latin Alliance. In 1991, his debut album, Another Latin Timebomb, mainly produced by Mike Greene and Geoff Rios, was released on Atlantic/East West Records, spawning the worldwide crossover hit "Tequila", a cover version of the song by the Champs. After his second album, Stone Cold World, produced by Tony G, came out independently with more of a G-funk style, A.L.T. continued collaborating with rappers such as Slow Pain, Mellow Man Ace and Kid Frost, proving to be one of the driving forces behind the L.A. Latin rap scene and writing lyrics for Kid Frost, he also wrote lyrics and songs for Eazy-E.

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