Above The Law

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Above The Law was a black gangsta rap group founded in late 1987 in Pomona, California by Cold 187um (also known as Big Hutch; born Gregory Hutchinson), K.M.G the Illustrator (born Kevin Dulley), Total K-Oss (born Anthony Stewart) and Go Mack (born Arthur Goodman). In 1989, they released their first album, Livin' Like Hustlers, on Ruthless Records. The 10 tracks were produced by Cold 187um, Dr. Dre and Laylaw. Above the Law was influenced by Ice-T. Above The Law is primarily responsible for creating the G-funk sound that would later influence West Coast rap stars like Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Tupac Shakur.


  • Livin' Like Hustlers (1990)
  • Vocally Pimpin (1991, EP)
  • Black Mafia Life (1993)
  • Uncle Sam's Curse (1994)
  • Time Will Reveal (1996)
  • Legends (1998)
  • Forever: Rich Thugs (1999)