Abu nurah

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Abu Nurah

Daoud Ali Chavez (born David Chavez), US MC.

Genres: Hip Hop/Rap

Label: Independent


The son of Mexican immigrants, Abu Nurah grew up in Los Angeles' notorious Pico-Union neighborhood and went on to graduate Cum Laude from Harvard. After graduation, he reverted to Islam.

Abu Nurah's music has been featured on Democracy Now's War & Peace Report. His song titled "End the Occupation" received an honorable mention in the Expressions of Nakba competition.

Abu Nurah's debut album, a mixtape titled "Don't Be a Citizen," received high acclaim. His second album, titled "Say it Loud," pays tribute in title and spirit to the legendary James Brown’s revolutionary song by the same name.


  • Don't Be a Citizen (2007); mixtape feat. Baraka Blue; production by Umar Jibril, Sumo Lex, DJ Dream; scratches by DJ Theory; recorded at Northfire Studio; mixed by Angelo Quaglia
  • Say it Loud (2010); LP feat. Tableek, Zulu Sheksta; production by DJ Roddy Rod, Kashmir, The Wayfarers, Umar Jibril, Sumo Lex; cuts by DJ Henry C, The Wayfarer; recorded at Nobscot Studios; mixed by Sean Wertheim

  • Western New England Hip Hop Compilation (Mystika Music 2007) feat. Maspyke, Blacastan, Barak Yalad, Problemaddicts & others; mixed by DJ Theory; Abu Nurah track: "Escargot" produced by DJ Dream
  • Knowledge Iz Infinite (mixtape--Emcees for Peace; featuring HiCoup, Barak Yalad, Baraka Blue, Tem Blessed & many others; Abu Nurah track: "One Line" feat. Baraka Blue)
  • Many Lessons; Hip Hop, Islam, West Africa compilation (Piranha Records 2008) featuring Gokh-Bi System, Bantu, Docta, Sister Fa & More; Abu Nurah track: "Ya Rasulillah" w/ Baka (from Gokh-Bi System)
  • Sky's the Limit (Ancient Mind); Abu Nurah featured on "One Life to Live" track
  • Muerto En Vida (Faqo)
  • Wake Up & Rize Vol. I, Emcees 4 Peace ("Right Now! feat. Pope Innocent")
  • It's Time EP; collab with Ancient Mind (2009)

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