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These pioneers of Hooligan Hip Hop are an Ottawa (Canada) based group that delivers vicious funk-fueled rap music. They are comprised of three MCs (Earthquake Slick, HighDuke Don Fakaraun, and Surge Bigavac) and one DJ Grusm.

The group started off as one of HighDuke's side-projects in 2006 and consisted only of himself and his close friend/rap comrade Scribe. Using a make-shift studio in Scribe's Ottawa downtown apartment, the two recorded an album called "Critical Condition" on which they featured a number of artists including Earthquake Slick, Surge Bigavac (then a member of Syllable Sekt) and DJ Grusm. After a number of successful collaborations, the group experienced several lineup changes: Scribe decided to pursue a solo career while the Babble Goons morphed into the present-day lineup which consists of HighDuke Don Fakaraun (producer/MC), Earthquake Slick (MC), Surge Bigavac (MC) and DJ Grusm.

The Babble Goons are also members of an independent hip hop collective called Carski Rez which was formed in Belgrade, Serbia in 2006. The name Carski Rez literally translates into English as Caesarean Cut, but generally means "C-Section" in Serbian. Carski Rez boasts a roster of seventeen artists based in four countries: Serbia, Austria, Canada, and Switzerland. With twenty two releases, they are one of the most prolific labels on the Serbian hip hop scene.

The Babble Goons use the term "Hooligan Hip Hop" to describe their musical style. They employ the use of rap personas (i.e. characters) through which they conceptualize the "hooligan" spirit in their music. Building heavily off of European football culture, their songs are depicted as movies for the ears and often include recurring themes of partying, unity (strength in numbers), subversion, anarchic behaviour, and justified violence. These terms are additionally conceptualized by their motto "KICKUS, ASSUS, MAXIMUS" (a "latinification" of the English words kick, ass and maximally) which is written on their logo. According to their song entitled "Greetings", the characters are summed up as follows: HighDuke is a radioactive entity (whose name is a play on the word Hajduk), Earthquake Slick is a belligerent, tectonic, earthly power-house of a man, Surge Bigavac is a viral plague, and DJ Grusm is the gruesome king of the underworld. Additional descriptions are available on the website.

They are presently working on the release of their first album entitled The Goon, The Bad, and The Ugly. Several downloads are available on the website as well as the Facebook fan page.


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