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  1. Boston, MA aka home of East Coast Familiez

In the fall and winter of 2003, Boston was the site of one of the bloodiest gang wars in the history of the Northeast. Rivals gangs 1 Penny (known for high levels of heroin traffic in the ghetto of Moss Hill), and H.O.G (House of Gangstaz), who were known in local areas as the top dogs for prostitution, went to battle over a hood called The Grove. Almost 30 people were killed when members Sean He, Derek "D-Block" Primack, Noel "No ballz" McCoy, Charles "Chubbs" Bryson", and Dominic "Dominizlle" Rioles, armed with assault rifles attacked a Hess gas station , a known hangout of members of the gang HOG. Jeff "Big Spic" Munoz and his gang of misfits held their ground yet were forced out eventually. B-MAC has since moved in and dominated everything in Beantown, often forcing jewish gas station owners to give him free doughnuts at gunpoint