Big Circle Boys

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The original members were army members or Red Guards who were purged and sent to detention camps near Canton (now called Guangzhou). Despite popular belief, the Big Circle Boys are not one unified gang. The label was coined to refer to all gangs of mainland Chinese origin, but there is now a second and third generation of these gangs, some of whom have never seen China. It is estimated that there are about one hundred members of the BCBs in Canada, mostly in Vancouver and Toronto. Criminal activities that this gang was active in included extortion, fraud, and bank scams.

On November 8, 1990 eight members of the Big Circle Boys were arrested in New York City, Hong Kong and Toronto, as a result of Project Dragon and Dragon IV. On February 21, 1991, Ernest Liu, a New York City banker (formerly from Hong Kong) was indicted on 113 counts of money laundering for a "Chinese crime organization". Their main rivals in Toronto were the 18 Buddha street gang.


Big Circle Boys' History