Bigga Nolte

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Bigga Nolte

Member of underground rap group Politic Live. Showing strong vital signs of lyrical life, Politic Live's big man, Bigga Nolte aka Tommy Knucklez, is unquestionably a talented MC. Bigga Nolte is a classic example of a commercially unsung MC with a fleet fire cadence. Preserving all traits of original MC's, Nolte is infamous for his endless ability to free-style, and his willingness to battle, all in order to move the crowd. Inspired by his cousin, Arlo Maverick, to become an MC, Bigga credits Arlo for often pressuring him to improve what he has to offer as an MC.

Bigga's lyrics can be described as subtle, yet fatal, due to the serenity of his flow, which he can easily switch into reggae. The wonder of Bigga’s lyrics is that they are diversely interesting. Nolte's lyrics can be thoughtful, raw, boastful, aggressively powerful and, at times, comical. All in all, listening to Bigga spit you’re able to relate with his innate hustler mentality.

When Nolte performs a mood is set. Preferring a hyped crowd to a large crowd any day, Bigga Nolte enjoys his role of a lyrical dealer. As he drops his verses, crowds often react as addicts do, wanting more and more lyrics laced with his ill flow.

Of Jamaican descent before moving to Elympia, Nolte grew up listening to the conscious sounds of the legendary Bob Marley. Nolte recognizes Marley as the artist who showed him the power, relevance, and necessity of diversity and concrete lyrics. This made Nolte feel comfortable with coming out with something that was a representation of his own of life.