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'''Allies''' [[Warriors gang]], [[Hoodlums gang]], [[Mercy Street Families]], [[Cobra Heights Syndicate]], [[Condotta Mafia]], [[Maximum Kingdom]], [[Alexander Park Hustlers]], [[Zoner Nation]], [[LaManzella-Babilonie Crime Family]], [[Bloods]], [[Crips]], Zoe Pound, [[Folk Nation]], [[People Nation]], [[Nuestra Familia]], [[Black Guerrilla Family]], [[Pee Wee Mafia]], Assassins, [[Four Corner Hustlers]], Suicidal Pistol Riders(SPR), [[Perdido Varrio]], Bad Azz, Bogard, Beast Mode, Hype Squad, S.T.O, Who Riders and Ca$h Flo
'''Allies''' [[Zoner Nation]], [[LaManzella-Babilonie Crime Family]], [[Bloods]], [[Crips]], Zoe Pound, [[Folk Nation]], [[People Nation]], [[Nuestra Familia]], [[Black Guerrilla Family]], [[Pee Wee Mafia]], Assassins, [[Four Corner Hustlers]], Suicidal Pistol Riders(SPR), [[Perdido Varrio]], Bad Azz, Bogard, Beast Mode, Hype Squad, S.T.O, Who Riders and Ca$h Flo
'''Rivals''' [[I.N.K.]], Hoe Hop, the [[Don's gang]], Blue Tone, 80th Street Monster Squad, The Pure Ones, Full Force gang, Soldier Sity Saint's(the 3'S), 36th Elvin Block Boyz and various gangs
'''Rivals''' Surface, [[I.N.K.]], Hoe Hop, the [[Don's gang]], Blue Tone, 80th Street Monster Squad, the Pure Ones, Full Force gang, Soldier Sity Saint's(the 3'S), 36th Elvin Block Boyz and various gangs
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''Known groups that are under the Holo umbrella.''
''Known groups that are under the Holo umbrella.''
'''Born Savage'''
'''[[Born Savage]]'''
Born Savage was started in 2003 by Isaiah “Zeke” Moore and J.R. They where started under the blessing of Curtis Black as foot soldiers for Black Squad. They would fight for there independents to be recognized as it's own independent camp in 2005. They also would fight against a percentage of the camps until 2006. They rose on top with Zeus sitting at the chair as the highest rank member in 2008. Zeus would use his Born Savage membership to enforce and reform Black Squad as Holo218 Families. In 2007 Born Savage split into two force Born Savage and Born Sage when Zeus left to be the face of Black Squad. They would reform as one in 2009. With a laid back founder Born Savage is still known as the most violated and distanced gang ever formed under Black Squad. Born Savage stayed independent from Holo until the Zoner Nation war. They was brought under the Holo banner when Zeus placed them as a branch. But they are still known as a independent but have sworn loyalty to the UL. Born Savage is a unorganized gang and many are thought to be savages since many don't care to live or die. They have a close family presence from there struggle and this has been there keystone to there survival. They are credited with the rise off of a founding member. J.R was beat to death and in retaliation for his murder Born Savage members found the men and beat them to death and spray painted “Black Squad was here” and “Born Savage”. This crude brutality has since been used to insert there power and willingness to use extreme violations to there means of gain and influence. There name was born by J.R while chilling with Zeke. While hanging out Zeke said “The world thinks of us as savages”, and in return of that comment J.R meet that by saying “We born savage”. This has since been disputed over to be fact or folklore.
Triple B. Jungles are commonly known as simply T.B.J's. They are a acronym for Barbaric Brave Boja's. They were started in 2007 by Erwin “Eazy Lefty” Dixon Jr. and Isaiah “Zeke” Moore. Eazy took over a Little Rock, Arkansas neighborhood called Otter Creek. Otter Creek survived as the home of Triple B's. They shared power with a west-side counterpart on John Barrow known as Bloodshed Villains. Eazy gained power in Otter Creek by first allying with a gang already occupying the neighborhood known as Rock City Bandits. Through the allying Eazy took over all of Rock City Bandits and the neighborhood was nicknamed the “Jungles”. They grow in numbers taking over many toe holds during this time Eazy was imprisoned for drug charges. With no rank structure the Jungles was taken over by a Memphis gang known as Bottom Boys. While in jail Eazy took over a large percentage of the jail and put the membership under him. On release a member following Eazy's lessons took it home with him to New York. This member is known as Joey “Arms” McAdoo. Joey started T.B.J's in New York through the drug trade and help from his cousins already homegrown gangs. They would rebuild there numbers in Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Portland, Oregon. During the wake of the Zoner Nation war they fought along side their Holo brothers. This brought on the talks of re-allying themselves. Since then they've joined under Holo's banner but they still work as a independent. Most members call themselves Tre's Bay and are always seen wearing the Toronto Blue Jays. They tattoo themselves with 2-22-17. They also have offspring's or chapters which are known as the Tiny Baby Jay's, Original T.B.J's, 70 Block Original Trap Jungles and Da Dixon Soulja'z.
'''Hoodie Holo'''
They we're started in 2009 by Albert Duces “Lil Al Be” Simms, Elvin “Eazy Bot” Bishop and Daniel “Danny Dave” Woodson  off the blessing of father Zeus. They grow quick taking toe holds in many southern states. They evolved into many street crews, these crews all are leaded by there own leader. They're so deep that they we're required to fold under Holo's law of membership. Since then they are required to report to a father representative under the Universal Leader. On February 8, 2010 Lil Al Be got into a argument with a rival gang. While arguing rivals pulled guns and started shooting in Lil Al Be's direction. They hit him in the back of his head, right arm and 3 shots landed in his backside. Lil Al Be's friends returned fire hitting a rival. Lil Al Be would be put on life support until his family finalized paperwork to pull the plug on March 31. After the death of Lil Al Be a large percentage of Hoodie leaders joined together to elected a statewide leader and representative for the gang. They would meet four time until electing Rodger “Juicy” Hawkins. Juicy would elevate the Hoodies into the arms trade and drug trafficking. He would be brought in on gun smuggling and drug trafficking but these charges was dropped on a technicality and he was put on house probation. He has since been put on trial for varies other charges and is awaiting sentencing. In December 2010 through April 2011 they we're involved in the Zoner Nation war. They are credited with helping Zeke and has since been award with the right to keep themselves as a independent working entity but most remain under Holo Families and survive under the UL.
'''Henderson Posse Holo'''
Henderson Posse started as the H Street Boys in the Henderson Projects by Saul “Nightmare” Cameron in 1986. They would build a empire from drug sales. They would just stay as the H Street Boys until 1996 with the arrive of California gang members Black Rose and Lil Suge Bear members of the [[Tree Top Pirus]] and [[Elm Street Pirus]]. They would build a drug network which help spread the power of H Street Boys which now have adopted Blood breaking down into 3 crews. These sub-sets were Henderson Lake [[Piru]]'s, Henderson Park Bloods and Henderson State Baby Guerrilla's. They would dominate there area thru the drug trade until 2005 when many top members began to go to jail from a FBI sting. During 2006-2008 they would be torn between a power control losing many members which would later defect to rivals or creating independent crews of there own. Robot a member of Born Savage and resident of Henderson was voted to co control a large part of the gang. He would talk to Cash Monster thru Zeus on a natural umbra. This umbra would be put on pause with the untimely death of Cash Monster. When Zeus rose the new leader he would sanction H Street Boys in the newly formed Zoner Nation as the Henderson Mercenaries. In 2010 they would enter into a civil war amongst old and young members spiting ranks between the Henderson Posse fractions and Henderson Mercenaries. This war was started off the choice of the younger members wanting to change the name. This would last until the end of the Zoner War with a nerves cease fire. They would collapse as a cabin holder in a recognized family. In doing so a meeting was held on there future which Holo sanctioned in as branch under Holo. Since then all is unknown just as many other branch in Holo they are active in the shadows building back there family.
'''[[Hoodie Holo]]'''
'''[[Henderson Posse Holo]]'''
'''Bermuda Garden Street Holo'''
'''Bermuda Garden Street Holo'''

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Black Squad Mafia Holo Families

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Founded In Indianapolis, Indiana

Founded By (Black Squad Daivoen "O.G. Staff" Cassidy, Reggie "O.G. Grim Reaper" Cassidy, Jose "Revenge" Rodriguez and Leon "Curtis Black" Smith Jr. ) Isaiah "Zeus/Zeke" Moore, Erwin "Eazy Lefty/Elite Monster" Dixon, Falysha "Baby L" Andersen, Brayland "Lil Havoc" Gaines and Omar "Cash Monster" Young Sr.

Years Active 1978–present

Territory Nationwide

Membership 7,000+

Ethnicity Mixed

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Prostitution, Home Invasion, Murder, Gun Trafficking, Gun Smuggling, Extortion, Street Protection, Illegal Gambling, Mail Fraud, Identity Theft, Conspiracy, Loan Sharking, Money Laundering, Pornography, Drug Trafficking, Assault, Illegal Street Racing and Street Fighting

Allies Zoner Nation, LaManzella-Babilonie Crime Family, Bloods, Crips, Zoe Pound, Folk Nation, People Nation, Nuestra Familia, Black Guerrilla Family, Pee Wee Mafia, Assassins, Four Corner Hustlers, Suicidal Pistol Riders(SPR), Perdido Varrio, Bad Azz, Bogard, Beast Mode, Hype Squad, S.T.O, Who Riders and Ca$h Flo

Rivals Surface, I.N.K., Hoe Hop, the Don's gang, Blue Tone, 80th Street Monster Squad, the Pure Ones, Full Force gang, Soldier Sity Saint's(the 3'S), 36th Elvin Block Boyz and various gangs

Holo(hol-oh)is the creator's of the Zoner Nation organization. They rose from the 1978 Black Squad era and was dominated by a single leader for two decades. They've mange to stay independent from connections with the mafia as well as staying on the move never staying in one strong hold. They have a never ending source of young members as well as resources. They were pledge by inter-wars between camps in 1995. Since then they have been bounded to a collection of 95 rules they call the 95 to life. The reason they go by the 218 is to show respect to a fallen member known as Chris "Jean Bean" Harlem. He was 18 and was shot 2 times. Since then members have honor him by all flagging 218 behind there banner names. There creation was formed by three members of Born Savage. They have all since has called the forming "A Born Savage Tear Drop".

Bandana Soul'Vane

Black Squad was first started as a Mexican family gang in the 1950's in Tijuana, Mexico. Around the 1974's they've command a small gang as well as a following of 40 members. To expand they would recruit Jose Rodriguez. Jose arrived in California with no connections. During this time homegrown California gangs picked on him in hopes to pressure him to join on there gangs. At this time he relocated to Baldwin Village where he befriend Leon "Curtis Black" Smith Jr a associate of the Black P. Stones. Curtis looking to expand in drug actives he worked with Jose. It's rumor too that Curtis owed a lot of money so he was force to relocate out of Baldwin to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Black Squad

In 1976 Curtis and Jose moved back in forth from Las Vegas to Indianapolis, Indiana. They would be introduce to Daivoen "O.G. Staff" Cassidy and Reggie "O.G. Grim Reaper" Cassidy by the Cassidy brother's sister and Curtis girlfriend Ashley. During this time the two brothers were from two rival gangs. The four men would use there power to create a universal gang. In 1978 when Daivoen and Reggie rose to leadership roles in there gang. They created a peace treaty between the two gangs. They then created a umbra naming it Black Squad. They split the two fractions into camps. These camps would be come known as Black Sheep and Black Smoke.

The War(Ruthless Klan vs Black Squad)

Many of there gang members didn't like the idea of working together. As well as that there was a rumor that Jose had a dispute with the two brothers over the way the gang was going. Unknown who truly caused there death. They would die in 1980 during a shootout. By this time co-founder Jose was on the run under suspense of setting them up. Black Squad would find Jose months later, and hang him bring rise to a new camp. During there search they expanded to Brownsburg, Indiana where Ruthless and Taz already occupy the territory. So they moved to Bloomington, Indiana where they aligned with four other gangs. As Black Squad used the new forces to move in on Ruthless Klan's area. This action would cement a on going war for years to come. Ruthless and Black Squad battled it out on March 19, 1983 where Black Squad lucky won. After they won they went to Taz to call on a cease fire as well as hope to settle on a peaceful way to all share the lucrative territory. Instead Taz joined forces with Ruthless Klan.

The War Of The States(Ruthless Klan and Taz vs Black Squad)

After Taz joined Ruthless Klan they began a war over controlling membership in states. This first was started by Taz when they expanded to Atlanta, Georgia. Taz began pushing on neighborhoods engulfing smaller gangs. To help smaller gang's Black Squad expanded too Atlanta setting up camps. Since then Black Squad has created sub gangs known as camps under the Black Sheep or Black Smoke banner. They allowed these “camps” to operate just as they been doing, except they would be given the backing of Black Squad. This pushed Black Squad to numerous amounts of membership. This also caused many lives to be lost.

95 Civil War or the Black Effect

In 1990 Black Sheep and Black Smoke went to war between each other. The cause of the fight is said to be over the logo of the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper was spose to be the universal logo for all Black Squad graffiti, but the Black Sheep members felt that disrespected the legacy of their founder Daivoen. This war would pin the two forces against each other. It would take the creating of a council of each camp leader and the death of one of the Cassidy brothers sons to end the war in 1995. In 1995 the council would be known as the Immortal Thugs or for short I.M.T. They would create the rules for each and every Black Squad member. These rules would be known as the 95 Rules of Life. In years to come they became the highest ruling panel. This war would set them into a depression known as the “Black Effect”.

The Respect Youngsters

In 2002 war with Ruthless Klan took a whole new meaning. To adopt Black Squad I.M.T's o.k'd the creation for new camps. These camps would be formed by Isaiah “Zeke” Moore, George “Jordan” Bandit , Allen"Al"Bridgette , Todd “Jake” Latif , Micheal “Mike” Walker , Brain “Damien” Walker and Casey “Moonhead” Hafaweight IIII. Damien would rise as the most powerful camp in Black Squad history with Bashing Scarlet, Zeke's camp Born Savage was the third powerful but would rise as the founding camp in later years to Holo218 Families as well as T.B.J's and B.S.V. Casey's camp was absorb by Bashing Scarlet after his murder in 2002. Mike help form Bashing Scarlet as well as his own camp that never reached the height of remembering. The rest formed or help others create their own. This movement went on to be known in later years as the Original 7 since they revived Black Squad's membership.

The Camp's War

In 2005 each and every camp went to war. The cause was said to be caused because of a member of Bashing Scarlet disrespecting a member of another camp. But that is said to not be the whole truth. Tensions between the female side of Black Squad was also at a high pitch. During this time founder and leader Damien was locked up and his second in command went to war with the other camps. The split became known as the Camp's War. The war died down with the release of Damien. Damien called on a cease fire. Even thou they called a cease fire many members of the leading Bashing Scarlet faction held resentment to Born Savage.

The Declined and Reforming

There was many wars and civil battles between Black Squad and rivals. But in 2007 the last founding member Curtis Black died leaving with the end of a era. With his death he left his second in command Omar “Cash Monster” Young Sr in control. With Omar in charge he selected his right-hand man to be O.G. Yellow. This period slow became known as the second black effect. Zeke at this moment had moved operations to Little Rock, Arkansas where he opened two camps which would dominate for a year. The two camps were Bloodshed Villains and Triple B. Jungles. Black Squad began moving in produce from outside states to open a quite headquarter. Before they could put these actions into work, Omar was sent to jail. At this time leader and founder of T.B.J's Erwin “Eazy Lefty” Dixon Jr was sent to jail for selling drugs. This caused the decline of T.B.J's which worked it's way to Bloodshed. With plans going down hill they began to decline. So Omar called for any member who want out to leave and promised no actions would be played against them. At this time membership decrease and O.G. Yellow was placed in prison for murder. He then elect Zeke as his second in command. Omar would die a short time later of throat cancer. Zeke now being the leader seeing no other way began to reshape and reform Black Squad into his own image.

The Second Black Effect

In the summer of 2008 Erwin “Eazy Lefty” Dixon a member of Born Savage and leader of Triple B. Jungles was spending time in jail. During this time joint leader of Black Squad Cash Monster and Zeke ran Black Squad. While Cash Monster ran Black Squad from jail, he ordered a reorganizing of the gang. Zeke his representative meet up with other leaders in Ozark, Missouri to discuses a new direction for Black Squad to go. They would vote to change the name to Holo218. They then would agree to change the whole bases of Holo218. Before they could re-meet up to discusses this a large part of these members were sent to jail. Zeke was force to wait on orders from Cash Monster. Before getting orders Cash Monster died of throat cancer leaving Zeke in charge of a crumbling empire.

Zeke's Battle

Zeke turned to Baby L to be his right-hand. They would both be the ruling panel for Holo218 for two months. While serving as the youngest father Zeke reached out to leaders of there rival fraction for peace. They decline so Zeke offered a last battle to be held. The battle would be known as Zeke's War. They would fight over lucrative territory, operations and membership. This battle lasted for 3 weeks. Ruthless Klan attack members of Black Squad Families on sight causing a lot of injuries and a few deaths. Holo218 Families rose to victory through kidnapping and murdering only leaders of Ruthless and Taz. This caused many members to refuse to step up as leaders from fear of death. With no leader Ruthless Klan fell to disarray and Taz caused a cease of fire giving up many of there members and operations. Many members of Ruthless Klan refused to join under Holo218 Families which in turned caused the death of many of there members. They death's brought the title and motto “Either you Holo or you swallow bullets”. Members from Ruthless that didn't get asked to join reformed themselves I.N.K (Insane ****** Killer). This gang became a joint membership of Taz and ex Ruthless members.

Eazy Lefty Returns

After the war many laws were passed that many old Black Squad camps didn't want to follow. So they left the affiliations and started there own. At this time Eazy Lefty came back from jail and began to work with Zeke and Baby L on the forming. Baby L is said to have came up with the logo for Holo vulture. The meaning of this is said to have been made because of the state that they where in. They where picking at what ever the world left them since many believe that they have died off and held little power. That was about to all change since Zeke ordered a declaration of war against all ex camps that left. This war became known as the Holo's War, but this war didn't lasted causing a large amount to return. This action cemented the legend of Zeke. After Eazy Lefty got out of jail his TBJ's gang relocated to New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. The person credited for this is father Arms, a member Eazy Lefty put in. While in jail Eazy Lefty was the only member in then Black Squad. He adopted and eventually took over the jail controlling a large percent of membership. When he got out his gang was taken over by Bottom Boy. Since then TBJ's home has since moved to New York.

Red Dawg's Jail Reign

LeSteven “Red Dawg” Wight Jr. a child of the Cassidy brothers gained father-ship with Zeke's step down. Red Dawg would run Holo218 for two months before going to prison for shooting two police officers. While locked up he would take over a large part of the Crip population and convert them into Holo's. With this doing so members from the remaining Crip's tried killing him 4 times before eventually going to war. The war was brought on from the stabbing of a Holo member that Red Dawg considered a close friend. This war caused 2 deaths and 9 injuries. They split and sent members of Holo to different prisons. Red Dawg would be moved to a California prison where he would be stabbed to death by the Mexican Mafia 52 times. Zeke retook over as father while training Red Dawgs son to be father.

Zoner Nation

Red Dawg son took over as Holo months later. He would approve many independent gangs to join under the Holo banner. Many of these gangs didn't have leadership roles so it made it harder to handle business junctions. The infamous Zeke showed up again and suggested they create there own council something like the I.M.T's. He then helped the gangs organize themselves. He was also said to be elected to seat on the board as the chairman, but was said to have declined.

The Zoner/Cabin War

Since Zeke step down from leader of Born Savage and Holo. Erik “So Shi” Gervin self proclaimed himself leader of Born Savage. Other members didn't like that and wished to make a move, but didn't they went on the words of Zeke to just make money. Zeke then talked to Erik to try to resolve the issue. Erik not showing he wanted to resolve the problem, he threaten Zeke. On December 31, 2010 Erik was founded in a alleyway laying in a pool of his blood. This acted called war against Born Savage and supports of Erik's fraction. Milton “Throw back” Gervin was shoot January 1, 2011 and Crag “Meatee” Mathis January 8, 2011 was beat to death. While the two forces went to war other fractions began to play sides to draw there interest into there territories. At this time Mercy Street's went to war with the Don's gang, and the Henderson gang began a civil war amongst themselves. The leader of the Zoner Nation was soon caught in the cross heirs. Leaders from all fractions wait to see if they could play a power move for two months. The leader lived and began recovery. At that time the rest of Erik's fraction either was dead or ran into hiding. The Zoner Nation war died down 4 months later and went back to business as usual. They removed Pee Wee Mafia as a chair-holder since they played a large part in the war. But they have since keep ties with the gang.


In 2010 Lil Red Dawg was engaged in a war with rival Pure Ones which he gained by absorbing Da Turf Holo as a camp under the Holo umbra. Le'Steven planed the murder of Nathan “Nets” Scalp, Henry “Doc” Bliss members of the Pure Ones. A week from their deaths police found Le'Steven and others involved was captured. Video surveillance show Le'Steven driving the get away car. Others testified that Le'Steven was the leader and planed the murder. To keep from getting the death penalty Le'Steven plead guilty to the charges as well as murder to the 2006 investigation of Taejon “Worm” Mendez. He was given 25 to life without no possible of parole. He is now serving time in Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, Indiana. In the wake of these events many Cabin members went under indictments and are awaiting trial. Thou leaderless at the moment this has not done much to slow down their rapid growth as they have acquired new bases of operations as well as 9 new sub divisions known as camps.


Holo218 Families have major sub-division who are lead by there own independent leaders who doesn't follow just one person. The largest is Hoodie Holo who are represented through there gang sign which is similar to the sign language sign of a Q. They are also known to sport green and black. Born Savage created Holo218 but refuse to drop it's independents. They still throw up the traditional b.s gang sign. Just as well as repping in black or purple. They are also known to wear Chicago White Sox .They wear Boston Bruins attires to show there Zoner Nation affiliation since they have a 8 star strip behind the B. TBJ's which was created by Zeke and Eazy Lefty became the last reminisce of Little Rock's glory days under Black Squad. They we're reformed under father Arms New York gang. TBJ's (Triple B. Jungles) is really a acronym for Beloved Brave Brothers/Boja's they don't wear colors but are often seen wearing the Toronto Blue Jays. Theirs no other major sub-division just subs controlled by Holo. They are known by there state or city. If theirs multiple Holo groups in the state they are given nicknames or are known by there streets they are occupying. They all universally wear Baltimore Orioles as well as wearing hazel(green/brown) black, white and orange. They all usually greet each other by "Holo","Hazel" or "Zoowey". They have a call to arms which they also interrogate into there names. Most members also rep with 88 and VG(Vulture Gangster). They have created a ever changing language that members call "Food".


Their members are required to take a blood oath as well as a brand before being consider full members. There members are to not put anything before there duties as Holo. They do allow females to join there ranks but they are not allow to raise above prodigy. Must past members are jumped in by 2 or 10 members for 55/88 seconds. But now a days they can pass in rank through a brand. To get a brand they most take there oath and be given the okay from a father. This method has made it hard for law enforcement and enemies to pin them on the street if they're not flashing colors. They have a guesstimated membership of 2,000+ members in the United States and 5,000+ world wide.


  • Father
  • Prodigy
  • Dun
  • Faygin
  • Boja
  • Vulture

In Holo218 Families their ranks are measured in power and connections. The highest a person can rise in Holo is "Father". The father has complete control over their operations and turf. He has final say and is granted a piece of every profit made through ventures by his subordinates. Under the father is the "Prodigy". The prodigy is second in command they are to make sure everything is ran smooth and handles problems that are beneath the father. They are also put in charge of laying down orders from the father to the underlings. This is to protect the father from any crime being said. They usual act as councilors and advisers. They have semi-say on who rise in the family. Under the prodigy is an equal set of ranks, these ranks ranges from Faygin, Boja and Dun. The Faygin role is to maintain connections and the flow of weapons and supplies they deal in. They are usual also in charge to keep the money flowing up to the top as well as to keep every member equal or busy. Boja's are the enforcers and hired gun men assign the jobs by the Faygin's who set up the deals. They are also the ones who hand down punishments to their underlings. They most keep the interest of the father first. Dun are somewhat of the captains of the family they are put in charge of recruitment, maintaining turf and keeping up with enemies as well as allies. They most have the ability to present new opportunity's to the family. The last rank is "Vulture" the lowest rank in the family. They are soldiers putting in a large part of the work. They advance up the ladder by gaining notoriety from connections, money and how fast and well they complete they assignments. This structure is known as the diamond structure.

Media Cross Over

They've recently crossed over into hip-hop as well as independent movies. They've been seen in gang dvd's sporting there pride of the income they've gain. Through these actions many members have been convicted causing leaders to enforce silence amongst their ranks. But some members do use music to gain foot holds as well as membership.

Major Sub-Gangs and Camps

Known groups that are under the Holo umbrella.

Born Savage


Hoodie Holo

Henderson Posse Holo

Bermuda Garden Street Holo

B.M.G Boyz Holo

Bullie Down Holo

C.B.M.A Holo

Chùmō Holo

Da Kidz (gang) Holo

Da Turf Holo

Diamond Dot Hustler Holo

Imask Holo

Kan't Stop Holo

Louisiana Bayou Boys Holo

Original Passion Street Holo

Project Village Mafia Family Holo

Sink Side Holo

the Supreme Holo

The Tip Gang Holo

Top Notch Holo

Top Of The Line (TOT's) Holo


Holo is known for motto's based on events. One of there most spoken motto's is "Either Your Holo or You Swallow". This is a motto made through the events during there war with Ruthless Klan and Taz in 2007. This war has been active since 1980 but they would do a battle which would be known as the Holo War. This war was fought in the interest of peace and gain. Holo rose on top as the winner and was granted all the Ruthless Klan lucrative businesses and territory. They would ask members to join or they'd gun down members who didn't want to join Holo. They would simply ask rivals to join the Holo fold or get shot down. This question came in the form of there most famous quote "Either You Holo or You Swallow". They also use a array of older motto's such as "Holo Tip" which means their Holo (Till I Perish). They also widely use "Holo to the Grave Yard Shift" which is the equivalent of Holo tip.