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TWENTY-year-old Blitz, a.k.a. Kareme Parks, was born in Bronx, New York – the birthplace of Hip-Hop. After spending several years of his childhood in the States, Blits and his mother hoped to find a better life in Canada. Shortly after arriving in Toronto, ON, they found out that life seemed easier, but were not aware of the many challenges that were soon to come. While moving from ghetto to ghetto, the situations that occurred in his life sharpened his perspective on the harsh realities of ghetto life. Seeing his family grow and live in poverty also fueled his desire to make something of himself. Inspired by artists such as Kris Kross, the Wu-Tang Clan, and his favorite rap artist Nas, Blitz decided to take rap into his arms. Dealing with problem after problem helped Blits realize that there’s more than just a linear style of rap, so he put his life into his work. Freestyle battles sharpened his skills, and Blitz’ name began to spread on the streets of Toronto. At the age of 15, he realized his dream of becoming a major artist could become a reality. At the age of 17, Blitz formed a group called “Deadline”, whose tracks circulated the Internet, but they did not last because of creative differences. Determined to fulfill his dreams, he continued to network, record, and collaborate with up and coming artists within Toronto. He found himself featured in a video, “Live in Parma Court” (, which made a lot of noise around the city. Blitz appeared on the Deep Pockets mixtape, “Back to the Streets”, and was featured on the track “Sweat”, which was played in clubs during the summer of 2004. He then rocked the hook of “East Meets West” on Aristo’s mixtape, “Trials of a Hustler” which received heavy airplay on 89.5’s “Project Bounce”. Being an artist of many talents, Blits also dabbled in acting and attended the Humber College for theatrical arts. Destined to play a major role in the entertainment industry, Blitz turned the negativity around him into more positive energy. In his words “People who put you down will give you strength in the future.”

Sadly, this talented mc was killed in Parma Court, located at the Victoria Park Ave & O'Connor Drive section of Toronto on October 9, 2006.


R.I.P Blits Tha God

Eyez Wide Shut

News Flash Of Blitz Tha God