Bobby Trouble'z

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Bobby Trouble'z has been reppin and rap music for over 2 decades. He was an original member of the old school Mistic Mindz Click that later turned to Naughty 13. He was originally born in Nova Scotia and moved to Toronto at a young age. Brought up in four of Toronto's project areas: Glendower, Falstaff (the Jane & Finch area) Jungle and Parkdale. He has been in pretty much every city in the Ontario area doing some sort of Hustle & flow. He put together The Truth dvd Feat. Richie Sosa, Navy Sealz, Smugglaz and many more of Toronto'z up and coming artist'z. His album Nobody Know'z was a 17 joint banger and he still is making some of this country's illezt music.


"Can't see diz nigga! where is dat fire. dude was rappin when most ya'll was baby's".

Dude got shot in his head. Guess he got scared and

"He lived right!!! Fuck you hater!!!"